Nov 13, 2014
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Long ago, the world of Alterina was ruled by three kingdoms: Zeotar, who's martial prowess knew no equal, Deneth, who's leader was a fair and just one with a righteous heart, and Sirac, a magical land led by an evil and corrupt ruler.  Zeotar had always striven to maintain peace between the three kingdoms, but one day, Sirac declared war on Deneth, seeking to claim the lands they had as their own.  Much of Zeotar sided with Deneth, but Sirac won a large number of Zeotar's people with false promises of vast riches.  Ultimately, it led to long and bloody war.  And Sirac was winning.  Deneth eventually surrendered to Sirac's might.  However, Deneth's people would not live with the evil Sirac empire breathing down their backs and left for Zeotar's borders.  Soon after, the power-hungry Sirac empire turned their sights on Zeotar.  But Zeotar knew war was coming.  They not only prevented Sirac from taking their lands, but counterattacked and claimed Sirac's territory.  Peace was achieved for the world of Alterina; for a time.  Now, a thousand years later, Zeotar has split into nine separate countries, and a tenth is rising.  One that could rekindle the flames of war.

Dark Omen is a fantasy RPG made on RPG Maker VX Ace.  Originally, it was likely going to be another dull and boring game, but I eventually got to brainstorming ideas for my game, like the features shown below:


In Dark Omen, you are not forced into the shoes of a character with his own personality and story.  Rather, you make him your own, naming him and even choosing a class for him.  But destiny calls your character.  Will you follow your destiny to the letter, sway off the path on occasion, or laugh in the face of it?


The full version of Dark Omen is set to feature dungeons that reset when you leave!  Are the enemies in a dungeon too difficult to fight?  Return to an old dungeon in order to grind some experience and gain some randomly generated treasure for it (The demo version's treasures are set to certain items)!  Which brings us to our next feature...


While the demo's treasure will be preset, the full version will feature treasure with random loot.  The same chest will never have the same contents twice!  Unless you continuously open the same chest over and over just so you can get a similar result.


Straight from the beginning, bosses are dangerous foes that WILL wipe your party if you aren't careful.  Strategy is important if you're going to take these foes on! The rewards, however, are well worth the effort.


What would an RPG be without side quests?  A pretty linear one, that's for sure.  But linear is not in this game's dictionary.  The full version of Dark Omen will feature a plethora of side quests, many of which will bring you to your first run-through of optional dungeons you may not even know about if you only follow the main story (and don't explore around much).


Just because the story is over doesn't mean the game is!  Here's a little secret.  When the game is over, you won't have even explored half of what the world of Alterina has to offer!  Side quests up to level 99 and super-secret ultimate bosses await!


A base of operations will eventually become available through regular gameplay.  This headquarters is customizable, too!  Want to live like a king?  Choose the 'Royal' option and have a castle all to yourself!  Enjoy sci-fi?  Choose the 'Future' option for a futuristic look!


What's this?  'Characters' is listed as a gameplay mechanic?  You bet your loot it is!  50+ characters await in the world of Alterina for you to recruit, each with their own unique battle style!



You can name your character whatever you want!


Dungeons will sometimes challenge your mind rather than your strength.


This chest is the only one in the demo that will have a different result if you open it a second time, but in the full version every chest will do this.

Thank you for your interest.  You can download a demo attached to this post below.

Dark Omen


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