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Trust me, I'm a veteran RMer
Jul 6, 2014
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In participation of the IGMC 2017
Eggion presents

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You play the role of Eris, a young agent of dark organization called Prismatic. Follow her story unraveling the secret of The Pocket Watch through her journey!

The game share a story relation to our last IGMC event in 2014, Save the Heart of Painful : https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/darkness-of-hope-save-the-heart-of-painful.29369/

There's an old fairy tale known as The Garden of Everything, a place of the most beautiful garden in the world. Inside, there lives a witch who could grant any wishes. Even wishes that some might deem impossible. But such wishes will not be granted for free.

How much are you willing to pay for a wish?

It is an age-old question that Eris must finally answer. Tread your path carefully, humans, for some wishes might be better left unfulfilled...



Casual Side Scrolling RPG
Rich Story
Unique Battle System
Original Graphics
Great Soundtrack
Fully Animated
Time rewinds when you die in game

Script / Animation / Eventing / Battle / Story : @Kuro DCupu
Sprites / Artwork / Video / Story : @rondchild
Proofread : Ayyub Mustofa
Composer : Dani Irjayana, Chandra Oyuget, Chlea Leslick, #F
Plugins : DrDhoom series, Yami skip title
Kadokawa / Degica


Update Patch to v0.9.2
Patch DoH TPW v0.9.2 (Dropbox)
Extract the zip file inside the game folder
- Fixed grammars
- Fixed cutscene
- Balancing audio

Can you reveal the secret of The Pocket Watch?
The development of this game is killin me both physically and mentally. I even forced to drink those cursed energy drink to fix that last bug hours before deadline and spent a full day rest after submission. I leave the rest of my suffering hinted inside the game.
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Kuro DCupu

Trust me, I'm a veteran RMer
Jul 6, 2014
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UPDATE! I've put an update patch just below the download link that contain a minor changes on the game. Please, check it out!

Even though the IGMC submission is over week ago, we would like to continue to polish this project even further. We simply don't want to leave a lingering regret over small problem inside the game.

Next, we want to let everybody know about our future plan, that is to overhaul most of the game content (especially the battle mechanic). I myself feels like there are lots of things missing (due to rushed) and I can't be satisfied with it. Glad it's not just me, my partner's here agree to continue working on this project. This game is not born to just die!

Finally, let us know if there's something that bothers you while playing our game.
Thank you for all your time ~

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