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Oct 6, 2017
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@author: ZephyrAM

Organizing a large Database library can get complex. Ideally you'll create things in order of power or appearance, but what if you need to add more later on? Rearranging and remembering whether a Steel Sword is stronger than a Ceremonial Sword can be a hassle.

This plugin lets you keep one name in the Database Editor and place another in the Note tag field. So the Database name can be whatever makes sense in the moment (Sword 1, Sword found in Mountains... whatever) and the name in the Note tag will carry over into a more lore friendly, in game name.

More useful for some fields then others, but currently set to allow rename for:
  • Items
  • Weapons
  • Armors
  • Skills
  • Actors
  • Classes
  • Enemies
  • States
Plugin Placement -- Anywhere below the conflicting plugins.


Terms of Use:
- Free for use in all commercial and non-commercial projects, so long as credit is given.

Conflicts: (toggles in plugin settings resolve conflicts)
  • YEP_BattleCore
  • YEP_WeaponUnleash

Updates: (1.0 Newest)
~ Version 1.0 ~
  • Removed alternate, commented code.
  • Added code section separators

~ Version 0.9 ~
  • Added rename to Actors, Classes, Enemies, and States
  • Added toggle options for all eight categories

~ Version 0.85 ~
  • Added toggle option to choose override or not for BattleCore/WeaponUnleash tags
  • Refined logic code

~ Version 0.8 ~
  • Fixed wrong name showing up in battle messages.
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