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Jul 6, 2014
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This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker.

Hello All! RPG Maker already have a powerful command series Show Pictures to call. Some people are just too lazy to make use of its full potential. I will try my best to guide you through this tutorial.

What is this about?
Ever like the idea of making choices using pictures? This tutorial is just about making possibly the most Basic Picture Selection and most friendly way using event. Understanding of this tutorial is one of the requirement for the Animated Character Selection.

  • Basic knowledge of how event works.
  • Difficulty level : Adept

What are you going to create


Event Structure
  • Initial : Initiating operators value and show pictures.
  • Process : Input and Navigating.
  • End : Erase all used pictures.
  • Variable 1 (index) : For navigating through pictures. Remember to initiate the starting value
  • Self Switch A : Triggered ON at the initial AND after Directional button in Process. Immediately turned OFF for awaiting further input.
  • Directional button : Only Left and Right is accessible in Process to activate Self Switch A which are necessary for navigating. You can change it to Up and Down to your order.
  • B button (cancel) and C button (ok) : Immediately end the Process by breaking the loop. You might want to put something to differentiate both outcome here.

You simply show all the necessary pictures in an ordered manner. Set the variable to your starting index value (which is 0 in this tutorial) and turned ON self switch A, so it could immediately select your starting index.

Includes all the necessary Input and Navigation. What's happening here is, when player pressing directional button it will turned ON self switch A which will operate the navigation inside the condition.

After escaping from the above loop, you just need to erase all the used pictures.

You show pictures then trap the player inside a loop so they could navigated throught it. Inside the Process, you change the pictures tint based on which index you are on. The loop is break when the player is inputting the confirm button or the cancel button.

Points to be noted
  • If you want the event to wait for the player input, it's necessary to trapped them inside a loop first.
  • Always leave breathing space (at least wait 1 frame) when using loop.
  • You need to update the variable condition AND its operation for each picture choices inside the navigating process.
    example : if you have total 5 choices, you need to make each condition when the index variable hit 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 to tint their representative picture. Also you need to change the modulo operation to Variable %= MaxChoices.
  • You can turn this event into a Common Event for easy access. If you do that however, make sure the event where you call it did not use self switch A. The self switch in Common Event using the same self switch on the event you called the common event.

Using RMMV
RMMV is unable to modulo a negative number. While updating the index value, you might want to avoid using Variable -= 1 operation. Use Variable += (MaxChoices - 1) instead. The modulo should work it over.
example : if you have total 5 choices, the indexing operation should be Variable += 4 AND Variable += 1.

For the last, let me know if there's something you don't understand or what would you like to suggest to improve this tutorial I made.
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