DDR(Dance Dance Revolution) Style attack system?


Jul 3, 2020
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Hello, i am trying to make a game with rythm mechanics and RPG mechanics mixed, and i want a script to do the following:
-When the player uses a certain skill in battle a DDR minigame starts
-Depending on the players score the damage of the skill increases or he completely misses.
-I want it so the skill takes MP to use too
-I dont want the minigame happen to every skill, basically a normal battle but some skills have the rythm minigame.

Maybe the inputs could be like how Input Combo Skills by yanfly does it?
Are there any scripts that can do this?
(It doesnt need to obligatory be for RPG Maker VX Ace, but preferable, hell i would even buy a new RPG maker if there was something that could do that.)

Example for those who dont know what DDR looks like:
The arrows come from the bottom and into the slots and the player has to press the corresponding button at the right time, depending on how long it took and how well timed the player does it the game gives a score like "Great" "Perfect" "Horrible"

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