Death? Preposterous! - A non-violent, metaphysical RPG


Apr 2, 2019
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Download the game at or Gamejolt!

What happens when we die?
Is death really as it seems?
What if we had the wrong idea?
What if death wasn't death at all?

When a visit to the island's mansion turns out to be much more than our protagonist bargains for, discover what happens in the aftermath, uncover a nefarious secret, and earn an audience with the prestigious lord of the estate.

Death? Preposterous! is a non-violent RPG with metaphysical aspects. Rather than battles where you fight monsters, there are puzzle-like encounters with strange creatures and your goal is to determine the correct way to navigate them.

I've been creating it over the last year and a half in RPG Maker MV on my own (though I certainly had the help of many generous people providing plugins, music, and graphics resources) and I'm happy to be able to finally release it for everyone. I hope you will enjoy this unorthodox game that offers something a bit different from your run-of-the-mill experience.

Full Game Features:
  • Play as up to 10 different characters, or as few as 1.
  • Befriend key characters and learn more about their lives. Or don't. It's up to you.
  • Interact with creatures in refreshingly non-violent, puzzle-like encounters.
  • Earn a variety of ending sequences to the game that will differ depending on the way you played through it.
  • Save your progress anywhere in the game for a more flexible and enjoyable gameplay experience.
Get the full game here!
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