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May 12, 2018
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Hello guys,

I'm doing some random tests regarding RMMV's default actor auto battle AI.
Test #1: I tried letting the AI control all my current party members; and from my observation, AI - controlled actors typically use strong skills first (or perhaps, any skill in the actor's repository?) and when the actor runs out of MP, that is when it will use the default "attack" command until it dies or until the battle is over. However, just now, one member of my current party which has zero MP left isn't doing anything at all; when it's supposed to at least use the attack command. It's as if this actor is staring blankly into space while other party members keep attacking automatically.

Test #2: I used SumRndMDude's Summon Plugin to summon an additional actor in battle (which is, for the sake of testing, set to be in Auto-Battle mode); and have the party encounter two types of enemies separately: in one battle i have a single, low-level enemy with low stats; and in another, a rather high-level enemy with very high stats. Strangely, when the party is fighting the low-level enemy, the AI-controlled summoned actor fights to the death (even with no MP left); but when they are fighting the high-level enemy, this summoned actor isn't doing anything at all. It's as if the AI knows that the current enemy is too strong so it's petrified and can't do anything (but of course realistically this isn't the case).
[UPDATE: Now I tried putting both a weak and strong enemy in a single battle, and this time, the auto-battle ai actor only targets the weaker one. When the weaker one died and the stronger one is the only enemy left, this actor didn't do anything again. Strange indeed!]
[UPDATE 2: I tried giving this AI-controlled actor a powerful skill and now it suddenly acted against the strong enemy and used the skill! Taking the skill away from it, or giving it a less powerful skill reverted it back to its non responsive state]

I am beginning to think that this is a bug; or am I missing something here? Does anyone know the logic behind RMMV's default auto battle AI? All my actors have pretty much the same stats and parameters; so I actually don't know what's happening. I know most of you would recommend using Yanfly's Auto Battle AI Plugin but i'm exhausting every other option first before making any kind of purchase. Thank you!
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