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Jun 3, 2014
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After choosing not to open the Tamatebako, Urashima Tarō went to the Ryūgū-jō (The Dragon Palace) only to find out the the Princess has been kidnapped and brought to a Prison far away from the palace.

Now Tarō is tasked on saving the Princess but it will not be easy. The Prison is known to be easy to enter but hard to get out of. As a fisherman Tarō chooses not to attack with his fist directly but rather leave it all up to chance but chance won't help them get out of there alive. Tarō will need the help of the Princess along the way.

Play as Tarō and save the Princess in this puzzle box of a Prison. Are you up for the challenge?


The story was inspired by the Urashima Tarō story where he saved a Turtle and was invited to the Dragon Palace and was rewarded with a box that he was told not to open. I plan to make a few short games under the banner of "Default Fantasy" and this is the first one. I am currently under development for the next one.









I've added a guide for the game. I'll try not to give everything out but there will be spoilers on how to beat the game. So if any of the guys who downloaded wants to discover for themselves what the mechanics of the game are, then I recommend DO NOT continue reading.


Everything you need to beat the game is already available to you from the get go, with the exception of the Princess. All that's missing from you from the start is the knowledge of how the game works and the items needed to progress.

Tarō has all the skills he needed and the Princess also has all the skill she needs. Some skills and items are left without descriptions so the player will or I hoped they will learn what it's used for while playing. I designed the game around one main mechanic and that is Skill Pairing.


The main mechanic of the game is centered around what I call "Skill Pairing" where 2 skills from different actors are needed in order to create something or open something or any other task that you wish the player can do in-game. As with the name it requires 2 skills and for The Prison this means you will need the help of the Princess you are about to save in order to progress through the Prison.

Save The Damsel To Save Yourself


Orb is the main item resource in the game. You can get this from the monsters you beat and from some chests lying around the Prison. An Orb is used as a cost for all of the Princess's skills and also needed to be able to Pair skills. So everytime you use an Orb use it wisely.

Book Stand

The book stand is a point where you can pair the two skills from the two actors. I call it a Pair Point (much like Save Point). It first lets you select the skill of Tarō and then the Princess. After selecting both skills you will be given an item in this case a scroll that can be used as a cost to cast a skill that both of them has already learned.


Tarō's 2 main skills are Janken and Risky Dice.

Janken has a cost of 25 MP and when cast will choose to cast either Rock, Paper or Scissor. Each with their own damage output.

Risky Dice costs nothing but will choose to cast either of the following: Open Save Menu, Heal Entire Party, Get Orbs, Entire Party Loses HP.

The other skills can only be cast if you have the appropriate scroll to use for each skill.

The Princess's mains skills are Flow, Regen, Burst and Libra.

Flow Adds a buff to the ATK parameter for 5 turns and costs 1 orb to cast. (Rock, Scissors)

Regen Regenerates party's HP and MP for 15% for 5 turns and costs 1 orb to cast.

Burst Adds a buff to the MATK parameter for 5 turns and costs 1 orb to cast. (Paper)

Libra Reveals enemy information and costs 1 orb to cast.

Same as Tarō, the other skills can only be cast with the appropriate skill scroll.

Pair Skills

Janken Flow Paired from Janken and Flow. Doubles the Janken's effects. Costs 1 Janken Scroll.

Shout Paired from Janken and Libra. Taunts the enemy to attack Tarō only. Costs 1 Shout Scroll.

Degrowth Paired from Janken and Regen. Applies a debuff to enemy ATK and DEF for 5 turns. Costs 1 Degrowth Scroll.

Break Paired from Janken and Burst. Damages the Enemy for 500 dmg with 20% variance. Costs 4 Break Scrolls and 250 MP.

Save Point Pairing Risky Dice and Flow will have you open up the Save Menu. No risk applied but this means you need the Princess to be with you always in order to save.

Risky Degrowth Risky Dice and Regen will either have you recover the entire party or lose 100 HP.

Risky Break Risky Dice and Burst will either get you lots of Orbs or entire party loses 100 HP.

Risky Shout Risky Dice and Libra will either have you fight a Bat, Slime or Orc or +200 HP and MP for the entire party.

The Prison

The Prison was designed to be a Puzzle Box. Which means in order to find your way out you will need to familiarize yourself with the layout of the dungeon. I will not show the whole layout of the dungeon here but I will tell you how the Prison is operated.

In the dungeon, there is a Control Room. If you haven't found it yet go up from where you started and you will see all 3 buttons on the room colored red, green and yellow. if you step (HINT: SOKOBAN) on one of those it will open up one of the statues and reveal a switch that can move one of the rooms in the dungeon.


All throughout the dungeon, there will be some obstacles in your way. they will be interactive and will give you some hints as to how to remove them. i.e. The Walls can be removed using the skill Janken Flow Scroll, The Tall Green Stone can be removed using Degrowth Scroll. Be careful when removing obstacles in your way, they will use up the skill scrolls you just paired. The strategy is to manage your resources well.


Once you have a hang of the layout of the dungeon and know how to remove those obstacles out of your way then all that's left of the dungeon are those puzzles left for you to solve. I will not go into more details here but the guide should be enough for you to beat the game.

I hope you'll enjoy playing or solving the Prison Puzzle box I have created. Thanks! :D


Feb 15, 2018
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Since no one has commented yet let me just put this up if you want to update the game.

First, some skills have no description.
Next is i got this error when exiting the options menu from the main menu.

Making a game is really tiring (I haven't even finished one yet :kaoswt2:) that's why we tend to forget these little things however sometimes these little things are what make games great. I'll finish playing this game after i finish doing some other things and maybe i could give some feedback. :kaothx:
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Jun 3, 2014
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EDIT: All bugs mentioned by @VexGaming has been fixed. New version is downloadable now. Thanks VexGaming!

@VexGaming Thanks for trying out the game! Also thanks for the bug reports!

Bug 1: Slight Spoiler. I left those descriptions empty for PoPo because I will be using his skills for the next game. Maybe I was just being lazy:smile:Maybe a description wouldn't hurt. If I have the time to do an update later, I will add descriptions on those. :smile:

Bug 2: That's actually a bug that I'm still looking for a fix. You can actually bypass that bug by

- Right clicking on the game icon (on desktop or directly inside the game folder where you installed the game)
- Select "Run as administrator"

The bug actually prevents you from saving the game. I am using Inno Setup to compile all of my stuff and I'm still looking on how to fix that. I will be fixing it soon and will do an update. Thanks again! :kaothx:
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Mar 9, 2014
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Will be trying your game, it's interesting. I'll be back with feedback tomorrow if nothing bad happens :p

Some feedback !

In general , the game feels like it wasn't playtested much, but I like the hour or so that I played( could not find a way to save, I did try risky dice 100 times).

Those are the notes I took while playing :
-Controls not all showed (shift, mouse, a)
-a button seems glitchy (not sure we should be able to drop party members)
-Popo can talk in the dialogue even though she isn't in the party.
-The walking sound is de-synced and kinda annoying.
-When you cancel out of a skill menu, I don't think it should say "nothing happened".
-Fight animations are nice, but combat way too easy
-I like the encounters.
-Numbers of scroll displayed when used does not correspond to the actual number in inventory. (even outside of fights)
-Some enemies see me through walls?
-If you cancel out of "choose a skill" when pairing, it still brings you to the 2nd menu. Need to double cancel.
-Spike traps barely doing anything (any really nothing to Pi) considering you have free regen anywhere
-After escaping a fight, enemies just randomly walks without paying attention to you ?
-Red circle teleport does not stay where they are when you reset map (moving them with the red button behind trees).
-Can't use break even though I have scrolls?
-Moving colored pillars (with switches) are glitchy when blocked by a party member, I may or may not have glitch my way through 1 or more puzzle with that.
-Are player levels relevant?
-House where Gre-001 is ... empty. (why sell janken scroll for so much, when they are so easy to get ?)
-Not sure how I can destroy dark crystal if I can't approach it.
-The map is kind of hard to read. Might be me, but on some maps, it's just impossible.
-On "Use shout" menu it still allows me to choose a skill.
-Some grammar errors that I did not note , since I can't be sure 100%. (french native)

I got stuck at the dark crystal (I did had the hammer) and would have liked to go through that part. Going back for the switch room was a bit tedious , also.

I liked it overall , but needs more work :p I'll check back if you ever do updates.
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Jun 3, 2014
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@olivier_d88 Thanks for taking time to play the game. And listing some things on top of playing it. :)

As a reply to your lists:
- for the controls. I didn't add all of them because some of them are the default controls MV has. but maybe I should've.
- "A" button may feel glitchy because when you leave a party member they stay where you are currently positioned but maybe I should've put more thought on how it was implemented. :)
- Im not sure where you saw PoPo talk in a dialogue except in the first scene when the player entered the prison. I might have missed him talking somewhere?
- I can't do much on the walking sound. it would have been better to turn it off. it was a plugin. now im thinking I should've edited the plugin a bit.
- "nothing happened" was to indicate to the player that nothing happened so that they'll know if something did happen. its part of the design to let player's know what's happening.
- Combats were designed easy because the primary design of the game is to solve the dungeon and get out of it and Thanks for liking the encounters
- Monsters can smell you and see you even when their back is turned while the guards can only see you when they're facing front. The double cancel thing on the choose a skill maybe I can look at. and the same with the spike traps.
- after escaping a fight, monster's know you're scared of them so they will not bother you for a few moments. part of the design. :)
- Im unsure on which red circle but I will take a look. and for the break it should've showed how many scrolls you need in order to use the skill.
.- blocking some pillars with a party member or a box can be one of the answers to some puzzle's! good job for thinking outside the box! :)
- Player levels are not relevant. I should've hidden it from the menu. I missed that.
- Drone shops are designed to be empty because the drone's do not need anything and the items are priced by the drones which needs gold to recharge there battery. :) but by design it costs so much to force players to use their orbs or manage their orbs better.
- you can destroy the dark crystal by leaving Pi behind and using a crystal hammer that you can open from a chest which needs to be opened by a Break skill.
- Congrats for finding the map! :) I'm going to check the Use Shout menu again and maybe there were grammar errors I will also check.

In conclusion, If I think the updates i'm going to do will not matter much in the long run I will not do any updates but I will carry on where this game fails and make the next game better. I am play testing my own game after development. There will be a lot of stuff that might be left out due to being i'm the only tester.

I'm currently under development on the next one. @olivier_d88 Thank you again for playing! :)
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