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Jul 10, 2020
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Defenders of Doom


  • A fantasy RPG with a bit of an open world feel, You can freely travel between maps although you do get prompted to start a quest if you haven’t already done so before leaving the first map. You are free to ignore the prompt and simply go exploring if you wish. Various quests are available which can lead to the end game and also give the player items and gold to purchase items that will make the end game much easier to handle. Using a number of Yanfly’s plugins including enemy levels to help maintain a challenge without being overwhelming. There is no actual “game over” though. Even if the party is “killed” they are revived at the inn in the starting village with 1 HP and can restore a saved game or visit the innkeeper to stay the night and fully recover then head back or whatever. The end game doesn’t actually end the game either so the player has the option of doing more exploration and completing any quests they want to finish. There may even be some additional quests that become available upon completing the end game. Ultimately wanting to allow the player to enjoy some replayability.




  • Using the default characters because I like the HTML play on the names. I have given them each a personality and try to keep those consistent in the dialog between the characters throughout the course of the game.


  • The party has recently graduated from the Adventurers Academy and are eager to make their way in the world. There are opportunities for quests immediately available in the starting town and some quests will show up only after the early quests are completed. Dialog with various NPCs will change depending on quests the party has completed. Some of the NPCs drop various hints about places to go and things to see as well as hints to the plot for the end game. There is a variance in economy so the starting town is the cheapest but some of the higher level items are only able to be purchased from other towns. The dangers to the west tend to be more tangible in the early game as people are more willing to talk about those dangers. To the east though people don’t like to talk about the dangers. Those NPCs in the east or escaping from them are obviously quite terrified though they don’t wish to put a name to the dangers. Hints of the nature of that danger are dropped throughout the game until they have levelled up enough to start tackling it. At that point the danger is named (a necromancer) and the party should be in much better shape to face him. A series of 3 quests that are easy to find are required to fully open up the end game. All other quests are for bonus items and gold.


  • It’s a fantasy world with the usual assortment of magic and swords. Most of the NPCs are humans but there are some elves and a few orcs as well.

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