Jan 8, 2016
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Quest for Conquest: Prologue 

- Game Synopsis -

Gifted with a power labeled 'Magic' through unfortunate events,
Aelin asks Katos to join her once again as they prepare for the day to reclaim a stable future.

This demo ended up being closer to a side character skit than an intro in my attempt

to focus on getting familiar with cutscenes, so I ended up doing a bunch of small learning

projects instead before moving back to this, so for now it's on hold indefinitely.

This is intended to be of small scope for my initial RPG maker MV project (<1hr gameplay).I hope to get feedback on it as new systems are added or content worked on, so thatI can try to accomplish a nice and compact, enjoyable and free experience to release,in addition to seeing if this is a game engine I will feel comfortable continuing with.

- Characters -



Aelin is strong willed and focused with a sharp mind, wishing to help good succeed over bad when able.
Though often reserved in conversation with people other than Katos, Aelin is able to summon confidence
when needed thanks to his support over the years, and speak with authority to help guide situations
towards a better outcome.


Katos is sly but considerate, feigning confidence without an ego to try help those he cares about move forward freely.
His fear to fully trust those beyond Aelin has led him to regrettable misunderstandings though. While keeping
them both safe, it has kept them unnecessarily alone in the world. He is trying to grow to hold back with this and
lean more on Aelin's sharp mind to predict danger.

- Screenshots -


Currently using available map templates while focusing on the interactive gameplay/mechanics.

- Game Content -


--- Prologue intention -
- This is meant to give you an introduction to the characters, story and to teach you the basics of the combat system.

--- Game Tone -
- I'm aiming for the feel of the story/characters to be somewhere similar to the anime 'Soul Eater' and the game series 'Disgaea'
**The exact content of the story may evolve based on feedback and the possible scope planned outside of the prologue,
but the tone of the story and characters is intended to stay as is.

--- Gameplay -
- Dialog scenes given more character with animated/controlled events, character interactions within the combat tutorials,
with non-intrusive banter throughout map traversal.

- On-Map enemies, with exp multipliers post-battle shown based on your progress and current lvl.
This will allow your character to grow as necessary without having to grind in areas, but giving you the freedom to
continue fighting for more tactical experience if you wish.

- A unique combat system built thanks to the plugins provided by Yanfly, mixing the ATB core system, enhanced TP, instant cast/cooldowns,
row interaction and a focus on skills without a mass of equipment to provide meaningful/tactical encounters with each enemy faced.

- Latest Demo (A) - Character Introduction -


--- Demonstration -
This demonstrates the interactivity of dialog scenes with the games introduction.
It cuts off just before the combat introduction would begin where Aelin and Katos will face eachother to go over the basics.

--- Playtime -
Approximately 2 minutes

--- Download -
-Removed to be reworked later-

--- Feedback goal-
I'd really like to hear how people feel about various aspects of the introduction.
Personally I really enjoy it but I'd like to hear from those with more experience.
- Pacing of dialog boxes
- Pacing of the delay within dialog boxes (do you feel any would be better spread across 2 messages instead and why?)

- Was there any moment that you felt progressed to quickly/slowly?
- Frequency of player movement/balloons
- Could icons within the dialog compliment it or would that over-saturate it?

- On a scale of 1-5, how much does this capture you?
1: You might check out how combat works if you are bored
3: You are looking forward to seeing how combat works
5: You'd happily give the game 20+ minutes of your time already, hoping you'll be completely enthralled by then.

(while recognizing map isn't final/title screen hasn't been altered significantly yet, etc)
Next Demo planned - Basic combat
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