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Apr 21, 2020
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Hello everyone!

Today uncle Kurgan is bringing to your door three games for the price of one: Simulation, Visual Novel and RPG. And the price is 0, because it will be a free game.

For a long time I wanted to develop this idea and merge 3 genres I enjoy so much. And now that I have all this the time being lockdown at home, why don't go for it?

In Dragon Rider you incarnate the the heiress to the fallen Dragon Empire. Betrayed by your people, you are trying to rebuild your father's empire from a lonely castle. You have only one dragon left, and needs to be kept awake with magic, fed, and trained, so the day comes to ride him and reclaim your throne.

The SIMULATION gameplay will make you plan your actions day by day in a resource-driven scenario. Chop wood, study magic, pet your dragon, or explore the nearby forest for resources... Those are some of the options available in the demo, but more will come in future versions.

The VISUAL NOVEL gameplay will introduce you to different characters that live within your domains. The ogre, the huntress, the witch, or the goblin philosopher... You will be able to earn their favor through different quests and dialogue choices, so they help in your cause, or even become recruitable in your group.

And because we all love a little action and challenge, the RPG gameplay will allow you to explore maps, defeat enemies, equip yourself and choose your spells.

Finally, a feature not available in the demo but something I will develop in the future, the main goal of the game is obiously to become a Dragon Lord. Which means: to ride your dragon and attack nearby populations (humans, elves, goblins...) in order to submit them and demand tribute.






Dragon Rider is set in a standard, medieval, low fantasty world.

Everything in the harsh land around your castle seems about using or being used, and soon you will be tested by new enemies.

I don't plan to make a super long game, but it will be always defined by the player's choices. First on a very low level: will you let the ogre eat the sheep that the shepherd asked you to find? If not, how are you going to prevent it? Perhaps using force, cunning, or even magic?
Later in the game, as your power and position grows, you choices will affect the world and the plot. Will you pact with the goblins or make them your slaves? And what about the elves, can they do their elf things in freedom or must they also submit to your domain?

And then, who knows? You may not be the only one who rides the sky on the back of a dragon...


Thank you and hope you enjoy it!

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