RMVXA (Demo) The Extraterrestrial

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    "Faust, you and I are going to make a deal that will put the world at your feet. The world you must save."

    Approx. 30min Demo
    Faust is a lonely, lonely soul who has been given a life and countless other unfathomable gifts from a strange and powerful creature who at first asks nothing in return. When she does ask, however, the debt Faust must pay is heavy and before they know it they will become embroiled in a centuries long conflict they never asked for. With the aid of their 3 companions, Faust must complete occult tasks for the mysterious being, Jez. Jez's motives are unclear, but they have something to do with the Chaos Machine, an arcane organization sowing the seeds of hate and distrust across the already divided land of Glim. Soon Faust will have to make decisions and work for themselves, if they want to survive whatever is going on in Glim.


    Faust is a lonely soul who drifted endlessly in space before they were found by Jez. Faust does not know anything about them self, and their personality is entirely up to the player.

    Meril is a kind girl who likes taking care of others. She often puts herself down, on account of constantly being called slow and simple by her peers. She finds fulfillment in helping others, which is going to get her in a lot of trouble, as she becomes attatched to Faust. Faust, who needs quite a bit of help navigating the land of Glim, feeds her not entirely selfless need to care for others, and this will get her embroiled in a centuries long conflict she didn't ask for.

    Star is an exuberant young man of yr descent, the long eared, polytheistic peoples of the southern forests. Star can often come across as overeager and hyper, and his blunt ways of speaking often put people off. After his clan rejected him when he told them he was not in fact a girl like they had assumed at birth, he journeyed to the city of Yrne and studied under warriors in the alienage to become a mercenary. Unfortunately, Star proved too merciful for the job, and a few botched contracts has made him a widely wanted man. Faust is sent by Jez to kill him, but he may prove too skilled of an adversary for them to best.

    Aba is a quiet, contemplative young scholar with a seemingly apathetic nature which has put people off, and left her friendless. Though she hides it well, Aba is tortured by her inability to befriend her peers in the remote mage's college. Left alone when her parents died while she was very young and raised by the mages of the college, she grew up socially stunted but magically brilliant. When Faust comes to investigate strange going ons at the college and finds themself in need of help, Aba jumps at the chance to use their fantastic magical abilities to help them, and maybe make a friend.


    Class select--8 classes to choose from!

    Awesome party inclusive ABS, (huge thanks to Falcao)

    Quest system, including gathering, bounty, and investigation

    Emotional storytelling; each character has thoughts and feelings, which sometimes conflict and often drive the story. The land of glim is rich with social issues similar to those in Dragon Age 2, and each character has opinions on these issues and what Faust should do about them. This is a character driven story.

    Secrets! Examples include magical creatures who grant Faust fantastic abilities, and hidden shops that sell goods you can't find elsewhere.

    Puzzles; very nintendo inspired puzzles the player must work around to navigate areas.



    Character select. The player can choose from 8 diverse classes: Druid, Paladin,
    Bard, Rogue, Soldier, Sorcerer, Necromancer and Vampire.

    Receiving a quest. The quest system is very simple and easily accessed through
    the player's knapsack.

    Demonstrating the party battle system, (here, Meril has been told to attack
    so she is attacking the guard) as well as part of a puzzle (the switch)
    and certain enemies intuitive guard ability.

    Credits (For now)


    Fayforest, Animal Faces

    Mack and BenBen, Trees

    FlowerPalette, Windowskin (edited)


    Falcao, Falcao Pearl ABS


    Jay Man, "Sun Rise in the East"

    Raymond Scott, "Portofino", "Portofino 2"

    The Electrosoniks, "Orbit Aura" "Moon Maid"

    I'd really love to hear some constructive feedback. (note: the title and titlescreen are tentative)
    Thanks so much!​
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    This sounds like a rather cliché character.

    This, on the other hand, immediately sounds like an interesting character. I assume he's going to be the antagonist of some sort, right?

    Yeeeees, finally someone who's played this awesome series. I've got high hopes for this project now.

    The description got me quite engaged. I like the idea of a transparent protagonist -- a character whose inside is all up for the player to fill up, kinda like Frisk or Link. The premise is solid and I'll definitely look forward to see more of this.
    And yay, a nod to the work of Goethe!

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