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Oct 15, 2013
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Hello again fellow RM players and makers!  UltimaCJ here letting you know I'm working on a sequel from my first game:  Destiny of a Wizard.  Destiny of a Wizard 2:  Beyond the Vale picks up from the previous events of the first game.  If you haven't played it yet and don't want to be spoiled.  Please do not read further.

Game Plot:

The last remaining Blue Wizard goes off seeking a new adventure into unknown lands. In the second installment, the hero heads out into the unknown to spread their wings. As a promise to the hero's father, the hero departs into the unknown and goes on brand new adventure. The hero sets sail and hears of a land called Lulisa and decides to set forth into this new land. What sort of encounters will the hero run into? What will be discovered in the land of Lulisa? New mysteries, challenges, characters, enemies, and areas will available for the hero to uncover!
Game Story:
Since the beginning, the legend of the Blue Wizards was known to everyone. People from all corners of the world came to behold their wonderful power.
Life was peaceful for a long time until a rival, known as Darklin came to wage war against the Wizards and everyone who opposed him.
This twisted Blue Wizard succumbed to the dark arts and made it his mission to destroy anything and everything living.

While other wizards thrived on peace and tranquility, Darklin thrived on chaos and destruction. . .

A war waged on between the Blue Wizards and Darklin for many years.
In the end, Darklin was defeated and he was banished by the great Cecil to another realm never to be seen again. . .
Darklin was never truly defeated and the Wizards knew this. They also knew their power could also be used to bring back Darklin from his eternal prison.
Due to this reason, the Wizards shut themselves away in secret never to be heard from the outside world again.

This plan worked until a Dark Mistress named Zarra craved the same desires as Darklin and wanted to bring him back.
Zarra tracked down the Wizard's village and slaughtered every remaining Wizard except for two. . .
A young child and his father. Before the village's demise, the father hid away his child and told her about the coming of Darklin.

This last hope... this last Blue Wizard was sent on a quest to stop Zarra’s plan and prevent the return of Darklin. . .
As hopeless as this quest was, the young would-be-wizard decided to undergo this quest. The young child meets the Sage of Light known as Lightin.
This old sage would guide our would-be-wizard to become a true Blue Wizard.

He travels to various lands of the Vale Islands and embarks on a quest on to discover the four elemental crystals.
Slowly, the would-be-wizard would unlocked his true potential!

The last remaining Blue Wizard traveled to the dark island of the Dark Mistress Zarra and confronted her!
The battle is long and hard but our hero defeated her in combat!
But before our hero could stop the twisted Zarra, she sacrificed his father to bring back Darklin!
She uses a ritual not-so-named to bring him back and the final battle between Darklin and our hero commenced!
The battle was long and hard but the last remaining Blue Wizard defeated Darklin and peace returned again to the Vale Islands.
Before Zarra’s Island sank into the depths below, the hero’s father told him/her to go adventuring and spread his wings.
Let the world know that the Blue Wizards live again!

Since the defeat of Darklin, our hero has embarked on a new journey beyond the Vale Islands. A new chapter has begun for him.
Our hero approaches a new land and according to the CrystalNET this is the land of Lulisa.
What new adventures await the last remaining Blue Wizard? What sort of challenges will the people of the land present our hero?
Will Lulisa respect the Blue Wizards once again. . . or will they remain in hiding forever?
Our story continues where the hero is about to arrive at a small town known as Davowie. . .
Game play & Planned Features:

*New resources & music: New graphics with various tile sets such as the DS Resource among others, as well as new character animations.

* Battle engine: New battle system using the Mog Battle Script system!

* New foes: Lot's of new enemies from various Maker resources

* New game play: Mechanics such as new puzzles and mini games. That weren't implemented in the original.

* More various save points: DoaW2 will still feature a similar saving system as of the first, but I will be expanding this based upon feedback from various players.

* New voice overs: Over five new voice overs will be cast for Destiny of a Wizard 2! *Note not everyone has been cast yet since the game still in early development. Please see the website for future updates!

* New merc system: DoaW2 will have new classes you can hire, it won't be a single player adventure this time. Featuring over 10 playable classes to hire from such as the Witch-hunter or the Green Mage! Making it possible for various party setups and multiple play throughs!

* New quests: DoaW didn't expand heavily on quests, this will be different in the sequel as I plan to add several side quests as well as one accumulative one that will reap player special rewards!

* New Menu system: New graphical menu system though it will be very similar to the first game.

* New derpyness: Of course, witty cliche dialog and humor will be in the sequel.

** New Cheevo system: This is not yet finalized as I have not yet tested with the current build of the game, but if possible, there will be an achievement system in DoaW2 that will also reward players upon accomplishing them.

* More content: DoaW2 will still have a linear quality to it similar to the original but this will also be expanded with over ten chapters of planned content, some stuff will be linear but not everything.

* Bonus content: I plan to implement bonus content into the game as a whole. I'm not sure 100% how this will be added (whether in a chapter format or in the game itself or both), but there will be bonus content.

* Official Guide: I will be making a strategy guide for DoaW2 given so much new content the player will be undertaking will be useful for the player should they get stuck. This be available at the game's release date.
Preview Screenshots *subject to change*:

Preview Teaser Trailer (with voice over from the Narrator):
Estimated Completion Date:
Right now I'm working on mapping and events which is about 50% completed.  The current goal is near Winter 2016 if all goes well.  I'm taking my time with this project and there is a lot of new content in the second game that wasn't in the first.  To see current progress of the game, please visit my website (see below).  It is has a detailed flow chart in the development section.
Beta Testers:
While I have my own beta testers to play the game when it is ready, I will be looking for at least five to ten beta testers for DoaW2 from the RM community!  Those who beta test will be included in the game's credits as well as receive a free full copy of the game as well as the game guide that's made for it.  If you're interested in beta testing when the time comes, please send me a PM or e-mail me (see below).  If all goes well, I should be near ready for beta testers in the fall (or sooner!)  Beta testers must be able to play the game from start to finish.  Requirements for beta testing will be listed at that time.
Additional info:
Please visit my website at UltimaCJ Productions for the latest info on the game:  http://ultimacj.wix.com/ultimacjproductions#!destiny-of-a-wizard-2-development-page/c20x3

As well as the official Facebook page.  Any important updates WILL be posted there first.:

Thanks for reading!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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