Nov 3, 2020
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Developer Link Plugin+1.0.0


Allows the user to link to a specific URL or email at the title screen or during the game. It can be used to link to the developer's site, contact email or the game's page.


This plugin allows the developer to set a link on the title screen and/or an event in-game to redirect the user on a button click or event interaction.

How to Use

This plugin is quite simple. The parameters of the plugin can be set to add a new command option to the title screen below the Options command. On the parameters you can set the text for the command (first parameter) and the link to send the player when he selects the new command (third parameter). Note the second parameter can be set to true or false if you wish to add the command to the title screen or not.

The link to send the player can be normal url such as:
or an email link that will prompt the machine's default email system and automatically prepare an email to send (it works on any computer and mobiles). An example of a link to an email is:
Either you set the command option on the title screen or not, you can use a script call to link to any link you wish during any moment of the game. The script call is as follows:
Please donwload the plugin here

- OpheliaEnigma

This plugin is free to be used for non-commercial projects, however, for usage on commercial projects please donate the amount specified for this plugin at the plugin's itch.io page. Any doubts don't hesitate to contact me, OpheliaEnigma, either through here or my email address: OpheliaEnigmaUltimateCoder@gmail.com

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