Devil's Path Legacy - A Cooking Themed RPG


Apr 12, 2020
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Devil's Path Legacy

Hi all.

I've just released my first game! I've been working on it in spare time using RMVXAce.

I've spent plenty of time reading through forums trying find answers to things during the development time so a big thank you to everyone who is active and supportive in the various RPGMaker communites.

The central theme is around the idea of food/cooking. Play as the child of an innkeeper. Just as you are starting to develop your abilities your father mysteriously disappears. It's up to you explore a strange world to track him down and develop your ability to cook.​
My writing style tends be a bit abstract, subversive or tongue in cheek. Expect some weirdness but hopefully it is more enjoyable than it is confusing.​

  • It's short game that goes for about 10-20 minutes but ~30 minutes of optional content for the player to explore.
  • Dialogue is short and to the point. I'd tried to get a lot of value out of a little dialogue rather than force the players through long conversations.
  • Zero Grinding. You do not need to do any grinding to complete the main quest. You are rewarded for experimentation and practice but it is not required.
  • A different approach to combat.
    • The combat is short and high stakes.
    • Single use items play an important part of combat and require some management of inventory and finances to achieve success.
    • No random encounters. All encounters are initiated by the player.
    • If you unlock the second party member than timing/coordination becomes important as well.
    • Equipment affects both stats in combat and ability to produce high quality meals. There is a wide range equipment to suit the players style and technique.
  • Art style.
    • I've used the default assets as much as possible to keep to a consistent art style. The intention was to get as much value as possible out of a little than a little value out of a lot.
    • A balance between simplicity and detail. I didn't want the visuals to be over detailed because that can feel clustered or overstimulating (sometimes a problem for people with visual processing difficulties). I also didn't want to want to have vast amounts of unused space in the maps. I tried to find a comfortable balance between the two and still give each location a unique feel. Again, I aimed for a lot of value out of a little.




Currently selling for $1.50 USD.
I've changed it to Free or donation

As I said this is my first game so I am definitely looking forward to getting some feedback. If you are interested in giving me support/advice, please use one of these links to get a free copy. Leave a comment so I know which ones have been used and can take them out of the post.

Free Download 1
Free Download 2
Free Download 3

Shout out to these people for some of the assets:

Fullscreen++ v2.2 for VX and VXace by Zeus81

Basic Enemy HP Bars v 2.8.2 and Basic Damage Popup v1.2.1a by: V.M of D.T

Plants by PandaMaru

Ghostsprites by Liberty

If I've used your resources and you are not on the list let me know. Happy to give a free copy of my game to anyone who's resources I used.
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May 22, 2016
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Well, in my opinion, first of all you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone willing to pay for a game that uses the RPG Maker default assets, unless it's their first game they have ever played made by rpg maker.
I thought about it as well when I made my first game, but I have my first game for free now.
If your game has some unique feature or concept, you need to say it. Then you may have people interested.
Also I would never pay for a game that is 30~ minutes long.
There are many developers that have made great games which are 10+ hours long and are free, with custom assets.
You got to think of making your game stand out.
Anyone that has been playing RPG Maker games will find this not worth the money, In my opinion.

Not to belittle you or your efforts, I applaud you for making your own game. It's great isn't it?
I love making games and playing them.
I hope you have great success with your game making.


Apr 12, 2020
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Yeah I've made this free now.
I do think this game is unique and valuable but part of that is about subverting expectations but the louder you say that the less effective it is. I've been struggling to work out how to convey that its good without giving away the surprise, you know?

I did put up a bunch of free codes wherever I announced it but no one's used any of them yet.
I do want to do custom art for the game but with limited time available I wanted to focus on mechanics and story first. If I do get time I want to come back to it and make some improvements and I'll see if I can make some decent custom art.

Thank you for your advice,.

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