Different Makers (and DLC's) Love&Hate


Nov 17, 2021
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yeah, we probably already have a quadruppilion of treads like this,
but with unite (and their pixelscale toolie stuff on the horizon) i just had to make another one of these

Love & Hate

what do you love about the different makers (and dlc's in general)?
what do you hate about them?
what would you wish, that they'd change / do differently?
and what are youre hopes for unite?
i realy, realy love the XP character style ... how ace gives our characters different stats (ice/stone) directly out of the box ... and the mv/mz generators ;)

and i love the rtp x3 in and on itself ...
a convenient and affordable entry for any storyteller x3

but i hate their way, to half-ass things,
MV/MZ generator ... though simmilar in style ... incompatible with each other
the "incomplete" feeling of RTP's [especially, when you look at the "official" dlc's and just think: shouldn't this stuff have been in there, to begin with ... or ... oh, isn't that the tile, that was missing from the rtp ... type of situations]

but enough negativity, jumping back to the love side ...
the popular fantasy dlc ... other content creators [yeah, looking at you gee-kun] could realy take a slice of "inspirations" out of it

and, no ... i don't mean the art style itself [which is great from most assets]
but more about the "convenience" side of things

- giving us PSD - files to actually edit [with all the fine details ... like different mouth, eyes, eyelashes ... even blushes, dark expressions and sweat drops ... though, the hair is still on the same layer as the body ... but definitly the right direction] ... instead of handing out a single large character with a single expression ... with no way, to swap things like hair collors etc out of the box

- even going as far, to directly seperate the different facial expressions from the body pictures ...
- and *grabs the drums* female AND male characters

whoever made these dlc ... that guy actually knows, what he's doing!

i would realy wish, to actually see some PSD - files included into the RTP itself ...
that way, we could change stuff like hair and outfit color on the fly ...
a single 0815 soldier suddenly would turn into 10 0815 soldiers (one, for every faction, right)
would give us so, so much to work with ... with little to no additional effort for the creators

i would wish, that they'd create a generator,
that'd allow us to use different styles on the fly / in program, without having to complicated swip-swap the mv/mz/beastman/whatever assets every single time ... [oh, and i hate the naming conventions ... why doesn't it number added assets automatically x.x]

and i would realy wish for more futuristic assets [and more "mob" (soldiers of different time periods etc) characters - with edditable files!)]

oh, and i hate their marketing team ...
degica shop ... trinity pack on saly ... great *grabs it* ... wait, no steam key?
steam: this version is the same as mz's ... great *grabs it*

steam super sale ...
oh, what, you don't have the trinity pack ... and lack the mz assets [which are literally labeled as "this is the same content"] ... sorry, no discount for you ...

and i absolutely despice, how some assets on steame are outright "downgrades" and lack content ...
[like exclusive tracks when bought on other sites ... different licences ... no sample maps included (even though, the creator actually has them ... he just can't change the content on steam ... missing wav files (compared to their shop and other stores) and stuff like that]
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Feb 26, 2022
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On mobile, so I'll keep it brief:
For the love of God, I need better organizational tools for my project. Folders, filtered searches, and better ways to deal with event litter.


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Dec 25, 2012
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I am generally happy with all the makers and DLCs. They all have good quality. I think they're all good deals, especially when they're on sale.

It seems they're trying to be really innovative with Unite with all these game changing features as shown in the dev logs. While I'm excited too, I hope they don't "fix" some things that don't need fixing. I would be happy if they just have all the same features on Unite as the traditional RM's.

RM's biggest advantage over Unity is ease of use. If they make RM as complicated as Unity...well...let's hope that's not so.

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