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Jun 29, 2017
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I want to request a plugin that handles skipping an actor by pressing left or right if I have Default Turn Battle or any tick-based battle system enabled.

Here, I want to freely go left or right from one actor to another actor without being forced to input an action for every actor in battle. I'm not doing a "wait / skip" skill as an alternative to the idea as I'm still being forced to input an action just to get from one player to another and that uses up the whole turn. Some games have you freely select whoever you want to act and who you choose not to use in battle.

So say I have only two actors and skip Actor 1 to go to Actor 2 and then do the same, skip Actor 2 without an action inputted, the turn is used up without any actor using a skill. However, the directional skip will only work if I'm on the Actor command window since the Party Command Window is positioned to the right. So if I'm on the first actor, I'm unable to go left. I would gladly appreciate it if someone made this, it would prove really convenient to have.

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