disable unused action in editor and hide/show loop/if else etc

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  1. pasunna

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    Description of the Feature:
    • some time when you do long action in event
      and in a hesitate phase with to do or not to do
      you need to delete some line then testing it
      but find out you like it before you delete
      and now you need to go back again and run a long multiple line to find where you delete
      and do the same thing that sometime worst because you loose the backup of what you delete?
      or it's a long time recall and can't remember what had you done?
      what need to bring it back?
    • 1. so what I want is just gray out that line instead of delete it
      just only disable it
      like in the code /*---*/ ,//--- or some other game engine that had this feature
    • 2. hide show multiple line of event action
      not sure how hard of this but if it too hard
      what I want is to hide what in the loop or if branches
      because those branches are eating many space of event page
      and make confusing annoying slowing the work

    Code for Implementation:

    Why is this feature good?
    This feature is great because of the following:
    • 1. more comfortable on eventing
      keep continue working from where you left of is good right?
    • 2. multiple if branches is not your own maze anymore
      goodbye the time that you need to scroll the eternal page
      just to find where the hell is the end of the branch or loop!

    Possible issues with this feature?
    If this will cause any bad thing
    I'm sorry to bring these up...

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