Disarmament of the characters.

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    Hallo everyone and happy new year! :)

    I'm sorry but I speak a little English.

    I'll explain the problem from the very beginning:

    I've created a royal palace, where the characters are not allowed to visit, if they keep their weapons. The guards don't let them pass.

    Therefore they can go to the armory and drop temporarily all the weapons off.

    At first I couldn't figure out how to run an inventory and equipment scan of every characters' weapon.

    Then a guy helped me by sending a plugin called Izys Equipment Manager. (This is the link)

    This helped me a lot, but I've another problem: when I empty the weapons inventory, all the equipments got emptied (not only the weapons, but also the armor, the helmet, rings, shield, ecc). Pratically, I would like to make the armourer remember who are the owners of the weapons.

    According to you, what should I do?

    (If you want, I can shoot a detailed video about the problem)
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    i probably use the hard way 

    1) Check with conditions all-equips non weapons 

    2) Give them back

    and for remember owners i dont thinks its necessary because when you retrieve your weapons you just need to equip them back. makes the game more real xD 

    aaand if you have anothers weapon in the backpack turn into more dificulty :/
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    You can do it manually but doing this by a script, can make your life easier. I made a plugin for you just add this to your plugin manager, but i don't know if this is what you're looking for.

    if you want to check the weapon just go to the tab 4 of conditional branch under tab 4 there's a script and type this one


     if there's no weapon it will return True.

    View attachment Equip_Filter.js

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