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  • Discordian Tales is a 2D role playing adventure game in the JRPG style set in an exciting and expansive modern/medieval world of engaging humanoid and anthropomorphic characters with rich backstories and personalities in immersive locations and settings. The game has deep and detailed lore and a unique storyline featuring custom economy, government, religion and calendar systems. The intuitive and fully interactive environments will allow for different player styles, experiences, and replay value whilst the comprehensive and fast paced battle system provides for real consequences and balanced rewards.



The player will meet a broad and varied cast of characters across the world; these are some of the more important ones...
  • AllyX5.png

    Aleph (Ally) Aurora

    Beit (Beth) Bijoux

    Partners, Ally and Beth, have had a lifelong obsession with fashion and over the years have built an impressive empire as designers and Famulus for THE GOLDEN GUILD and THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL respectively out of their exotic but affordable outfits supported by a network of publications and promotions in the media.

    Despite spending all their time together they seldom, if ever, argue. Instead they take a unique perspective of being overly complimentary about each other and those around them. Some find this disconcerting as you’re never really sure what they actually think, but their fashion advice is unquestionable.

    Currently enjoying a vacation in Modire; the calm and peaceful homeland of the Fox and Rabbit, Ally and Beth are also on the lookout for the next big thing, but with THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL's next fashion season fast approaching, will they return in time?
  • CharlieX5.png

    Charlie Chapman

    Often seen creeping around the back of a tavern or scurrying down a dark alley, Charlie is a rebel and, despite being employed as a Trader and Clerk for THE GOLDEN GUILD, is forever in trouble with the law. She is however the best chance you have of locating any item or information you seek.

    Charlie grew up in the streets of Modus but has managed to build up enough of a nest egg to tour the distant lands of Modieva. She can currently be found in Modjina, sampling the local wares across the various market districts of the Dragon homeland looking for her next big score.

  • DevinX5.png

    Devin (Delta) Dragoman
    A mystery to everyone who encounters her, Devin, or Special Agent Delta as she’d prefer you call her, is a highly trained soldier with a long military history, though no one knows for sure just where she’s been or what she has seen in her career.

    Her latest mission finds her as an agent and Wayfarer for THE CRIMSON CONSULATE on escort duty for popular diplomat and politician, Henry Haruspex, as he tours the disputed territories of the Orcs, Goblins, and Ogres; otherwise known as Modraak. Given that Henry's primary focus seems to be on the local women Devin is ever on guard just waiting for a fight to start.

  • EchoX5.png

    Eris "Echo" Espy

    A highly trained and well respected agent and Wright for THE CRIMSON CONSULATE, Eris (codename Echo) is blessed (or cursed) with a killer combo of sarcastic wit and evasive battle skills which make her a force to be reckoned with both in conversation and in combat.

    In keeping with her namesake, the Discordian Goddess herself, Eris recently went rogue during an assignment in Modesi. Special Agent Whisky has been dispatched to locate her and bring her home but what is she looking for, and is it worth the risk?

  • FoxtrotX5a.png

    Foxtrot Frondeur
    Adventure loving daughter of famed explorer, Foxhole, and beloved Governor, Foxglove. She has travelled the world, picking up much of her father's enthusiasm for ancient relics blended with her mother's passion for cultures and the daily lives of the people.

    Recently commissioned as a Wayfarer for THE EMERALD ENCLAVE to excavate an ancient historical site in the deserts of Modhara, she's hoping to find a few relics to take back home to show her father. Will this just be another dig, or there more to it?

  • GandorfX5.png

    Gandorf Gudgeon

    Cousin of both a famous villain in a far off land with a green suited protagonist, and a white wizard who spent a LOT of time with hobbits and dwarves, Gandorf is a man of science and has spent his life studying magic in all its forms to better understand the world around him.

    Currently on location as a scientist and Ensorcellist for THE EMERALD ENCLAVE in the frozen northlands of Modavia with his assistant, Uber, attempting to investigate the origins of "Arcanis", a mythical power source that could change the world- or destroy it.
  • HenryX5.png

    Henry (Hal) Haruspex
    A man of great power and potential; a great leader in the making, perhaps? Henry fancies himself as a bit of a Knight in shining armour and is on a mission to save the world, and to win the heart of a beautiful damsel- if he can find one on his travels.

    Currently on a peace tour as a diplomat and Clerk of THE CRIMSON CONSULATE in the disputed Orc, Ogre, and Goblin territories, Henry is under the strict protection of one of the best agents THE CRIMSON CONSULATE can provide in the form of Wayfarer Delta. Will Henry manage to negotiate a new treaty with the region, or will he's after hours activities derail the whole mission?
  • IndiaX5-1.png

    India Indite
    A prolific poet and consummate performer; India may be a little shy but her talent is unquestionable and she really comes into her own when she has something important to say.

    India is on a personal quest of discovery at present, exploring the Fae and Elven homelands of Modhur for inspiration to help create her next masterpiece as a poet and commissioned Ensorcellist for THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL. What wonders await her in these mystical lands?
  • JulesX5.png

    Juliet (Jules) Jade

    A strong-willed and outspoken lawyer, Jules has spent her life fighting for the truth and with her recent promotion to Wright for THE SILVER SYNOD works day and night to ensure that the rights of the people are protected from the mixed ambitions and desires of THE GOLDEN GUILD, CRIMSON CONSULATE, and EMERALD ENCLAVE.

    Recently allocated Romero as a Clerk to assist with her work, she is annoyed by his constant and almost needy attempts to woo her but has nonetheless been impressed by the quality of his work and his dedication to the cause. Together they keep tabs on the changing political landscape and set out the foundations of new policies within THE SILVER SYNOD.

  • KiraX5.png

    Kira Keek

    Anime-obsessed from a very young age, Kira has made a name for herself as an artist and comic writer during her time as a Wayfarer for THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL. Known for her bright wardrobe and fiery hair she can often be found in book stores or coffee shops people watching for inspiration.

    Kira has spent her life in Modjina but is hoping to get out and see more of the world once she's saved up enough from her royalties. She is especially interested in visiting Modesi and rediscovering her family's roots and is currently hoping for a commission from THE GOLDEN GUILD to help redecorate their new HQ in the capital.

  • LitoX5.png

    Lito Luculent

    Clerk of THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL and infamously flamboyant actor and star of stage and screen, Lito is a good looking lizard who has never let a (minor) speech impediment result in a poor performance or the loss of a role.

    Lito has just wrapped up a project in Modesi and is due to meet with THE GOLDEN GUILD at their temporary HQ to discuss entertaining their staff at the launch of the new HQ. He recently received some concerning mail though and is concerned that his past might be coming back to haunt him. Only time will tell though.

  • MikeX5.png

    Michael (Mike) Mamaguy

    Mike originally trained to be a Doctor at THE SILVER SYNOD's campus in Modire but found his true calling as a disciple to Eris, the Goddess of Discord. Many who know him see him as a philosopher and seer; often to be found scribbling away in his journal on his latest prediction for the future of the world and those in it.

    Following THE CRIMSON CONSULATE's recent relocation of their HQ to Modjina which raised concerns from the local EMERALD ENCLAVE and GOLDEN GUILD campuses, Mike has travelled to the region as a Priest and Wayfarer of THE SILVER SYNOD in an attempt to calm tempers and help the return order. But is there more to the situation than meets the eye?

  • NovemberX5.png

    November Night

    Little is known about November Night’s origins; or even if that is her real name. She is an expert in the occult and all manner of ancient magick and relics, despite her apparent young age and her own inability to cast spells.

    November is currently searching the deep forests and forgotten roads in the Fae and Elven homelands of Modhur as a researcher and Wright of the EMERALD ENCLAVE on the lookout for rare books and artefacts. She's heard a rumour of a hidden village with a cache of books; will she find it? Or will it find her?

  • OscarX5.png

    Oscar (Ocean) Otiose

    Born in the snowy lands of the north, Oscar always had an affiliation with the sea, and the blue waters of the more temperate climates.

    Oscar left home as a boy to explore the world and currently makes a decent living as an Treasure Hunter and Clerk for THE EMERALD ENCLAVE while catching up on his passion for surfing as and when time permits.

  • PapaX5.png

    Paul (Papa) Pauciloquent

    A renowned historian, Professor Paul Pauciloquent (or Papa, to his friends and students) lectures on the origins of the species, the foundations of the leading religions, and the history of the world as a whole.

    Paul has been on a lecture tour the past year as Ensorcellist for THE SILVER SYNOD and is currently presenting a series of talks to the people of Modhara between frequent visits to THE EMERALD ENCLAVE's new dig site headed up by famed archaeologist and explorer, Foxtrot.

  • QuinnX5.png

    Quinn Quarion

    Despite being a highly trained and very successful medical professional, after gaining the position of Wright of THE SILVER SYNOD, Quinn found life in the city to be far too stressful and overwhelming.

    She has since moved out to the Badlands of Modhara and tends to passing strangers in need; one such stranger seems to be taking up a considerable amount of her time of late. Now if she could only get him to speak to her.

  • RomeroX5.png

    Romero (Romeo) Rathe-Ripe

    A renowned buck and rover in his youth, Romero has started to get his act together and recently graduated from THE SILVER SYNOD's campus in Modire, earning a Clerk's position within their Modus office reporting to the legendary Jules Jade.

    Desperate to prove himself, and win the attention and affection of his new boss, Romero works tirelessly to help Jules keep tabs on the changing political landscape and set out the foundations of new policies within THE SILVER SYNOD.

  • SierraX5.png

    Sierra Sylvan

    A well-known story teller; some say she's been on many quests, met many interesting people, and solved a few mysteries in her time… she just says that life is a game and she's spent a lot of time playing it.

    Sierra recently embarked on a trek with support from THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL as a Wright to explore the forests of the Rabbit and Fox homelands of Modire for inspiration for her next adventure story in the long running "Quidnunc's Quest" series featuring her comical and accident prone protagonist, Roger Rumshot. What will Roger's next adventure be?

  • TangoX5.png

    Tango Tellurian

    Slick, suave, and debonair, Tango is a renowned ladies man and a demon on the dance floor. He is often credited with being a visionary having a "knack" for success and currently operates as a consultant and Wright of THE GOLDEN GUILD on new products and acquisitions.

    Tango is currently in Modesi leading on the development of the new HQ and lining up key partnerships in the region. He is especially interested in the design of the new building and is considering bringing in famed wunderkind and artist, Kira, to fill the new building with edgy and provoking artwork. Will he manage to open the building without a hitch?

  • UberX5.png

    Uber Ustad

    A precocious but kind youth keen to make his own way in the world, Uber might well come from money but wants to stand on his own two feet despite his age.

    As the first human Famulus graduate of THE EMERALD ENCLAVE, or any other campus, no one really knows what to expect from Uber but under the guidance of Gandorf Gudgeon there are high hopes for his success in the years ahead. That is provided his first field trip goes well in assisting his master in his "Arcanis" investigations in Modavia.

  • VictoryX5.png

    Victory (Vic) Varlet

    Victory, or Vic as he's known to the few friends he has, is a Rancher and self-proclaimed lawman in the Badlands. He may be a man of few words, but his blade speaks loud enough to those it speaks to.

    Though baseborn and a bit of a knave in his youth, Vic is a valued Wayfarer for THE GOLDEN GUILD and has made a success the meagre farmlands of Modhara and has extended his reach to include most of the local towns and settlements over the years. His attention has drifted of late though to a newcomer in his home town, if he could just work out how to speak to her.

  • WhiskyX5.png

    Wyn "Whisky" Whilom

    Orphaned on the streets of his home city, Wyn made the best of what life presented him and has, in time, become one of the most respected warlocks in the world, ultimately becoming Ensorcellist of THE CRIMSON CONSULATE and taking the codename Whisky.

    He has just been dispatched to Modesi to retrieve Echo, a rogue agent believed to be on a personal mission in the area. Will he find her, and if he does, will she come back without a fight?

  • XavierX5.png

    Xavier Xeric

    Discharged from the military due to injury after a long and distinguished career, Xavier still works for THE CRIMSON CONSULATE as a Wayfarer and hardnosed but honourable cop out to make the world a safer place.

    Station is Modus, Xavier has been enjoying an unusually quiet week but something tells him that this is just the calm before a very big storm.

  • YancyX5.png

    Yancy Yarborough

    Sarcastic and fast talking; he's a renowned know it all but always speaks the truth, even if he's never satisfied with anything. Yancy plays a key role as a journalist and Famulus for THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL, providing a voice of logic and reason in the ever changing world of politics and policies overseen by THE SILVER SYNOD.

    Currently investigating standards of work and living in the Dragon homeland of Modjina, he may have bitten off more than a can chew as the story unravels.

  • ZeroX5.png

    Zero Zephyr

    Zero always felt out of place in the world and never quite fit in. Despite holding the title of Ensorcellist for THE GOLDEN GUILD, Zero settled on a career at sea, finding a degree of calm and solace captaining the ever moving waves of the oceans where no two days or ports are ever the same.

    Currently docked in Modhur awaiting a delayed shipment, Zero is keen to get back on the waves and on to the next part of the journey. This shipment does seem to be taking a very long time though…

  • The player takes the role of a masked character devoted to the Goddess, Eris, who has given up their name and dedicated their life to the betterment of society and exploring the mystery of the origins of magick. After completing their training, the character will adventure through the world of Modieva, completing quests, crafting and harvesting items, and generally assisting the various inhabitants of the world. In time, the player will impart their own personality on the character, shaping the world around them by the choices they make and progressing the character's loyalty to the deity or taking a different path entirely.

    • Players will have a vast and expansive work to explore; from empty wilderness to busy cityscapes
    • Throughout their journey the player will have a multitude of quests, puzzles, and mysteries to solve
    • Stealth will be important in certain situations; from escaping dangerous areas to picking locks
    • The world has a thriving ecosystem of resources for the player to harvest and use for crafting or in trade
    • Combat will play a key part in the adventure with friends and foes to meet along the way

  • The universe has been locked in an eternal battle between CHAOS and ORDER since the dawn of time; the two principle deities in this world; twin sisters are at the very heart of this; each vying for power with only one ever able to hold dominion for any length of time.

    Over 3000 years ago they focused their attention on the bountiful and beautiful lands of MODIEVA and each began a crusade to control this world, each with their own prophets and unique approach, peppering the world with relics to support their claims.

    For ANERIS there was only one champion worthy of her banner; GREYFACE, a young but wise and deeply devoted priest of ORDER who, though some say was cursed as the half-blood son of a werewolf showed received great adoration and respect from those that heard him preach and he soon developed a great following through the various lands as he encouraged all whom would listen to set aside the negative ways of DISCORD through CHAOS and embrace the positive rule of HARMONY through ORDER.

    This core principle proved very popular and over the course of the next decade GREYFACE brought the world under his banner, giving ANERIS almost unchallenged control of the souls of MODIEVA despite the "Grey faced one" himself fading into obscurity and the realms of legend after mysteriously disappearing at the height of his crusade.

    Over the next 2000 years ERIS attempted to combat her sister's reign with not one, but five champions to her cause, one from each of the major lands of MODIEVA. She also gave the world MAGICK.
    • The first was HUNG MUNG, a priest of MODJINA. It was he who originally devised THE SACRED CHAO, the symbol of DISCORDIANISM, representing the balance between ORDER and CHAOS. His focus was on what is SEEN and OBSERVED, advocating the scientific approach, eventually founding THE EMERALD ENCLAVE.

    • DR. VAN VAN MOJO was next, a native of the three islands of MODHARA. A renowned "Head Doctor" and strategist. Most known for his way with words and his abilities as a general. VAN was the founder of THE CRIMSON CONSULATE with a focus on what is FELT and BELIEVED, tutoring his followers in diplomacy and battle.

    • The third was SRI SYADASTI, born in MODESI and a famed proponent of peace, love, and equality. SRI had a specific focus on what is MADE and SHARED, firmly believing that all should enjoy the fruits of their labour in a "free market". He founded THE GOLDEN GUILD and established the foundations of DISCORDIAN economy.

    • Next came ZARATHUD, born in MODHUR, the followers of ANERIS labelled him as "Offender of The Faith". He encouraged his followers to focus on what is KNOWN and THOUGHT, he founded THE SILVER SYNOD and advocated for ORDER within CHAOS, ensuring that rites and rituals are maintained for the benefit of all.

    • Finally there was the ELDER MALACLYPSE. A wandering wiseman from MODUS said to have followed a 5-pointed Star across the various lands of MODIEVA, bringing together the teachings of the other prophets and spreading them far and wide as the WORD of ERIS. He founded THE TOPAZ TRIBUNAL with a focus on what is SAID and HEARD, encouraging his followers to always speak freely.

    Despite the seemingly unstoppable force of ORDER, this small band of enlightened followers of ERIS fought back against the oppressive negative/positive focus of the ANERISIAN philosophy with their own movement rooted in destruction/creation with a firm belief in the creative power of DISCORD through CHAOS.

    Both sides had been given the gift of MAGICK through ERIS' intervention; but only the ERISIANS took an interest in the development of this skill; in private at first but increasingly in more public ways as the years have gone on. ANERISIANS by contrast have made an effort to suppress MAGICK and all its incarnations in the belief that is evil, impure, and somewhat unworthy of interest.

    Over the next 1000 years, ERIS' chaotic star began to rise and the world of MODIEVA turned their eyes, hearts, and souls to her cause and away from the ordered and structure of ANERIS.

    The turning point for many was the completion and publication of the PRINCIPIA DISCORDIA; the holy scriptures of the DISCORDIAN religion assembled from the writing and attributed sayings of THE ELDER MALACLYPSE, by ERIS' final saints- LORD OMAR and MALACLYPSE THE YOUNGER- both from MODUS, and having declared themselves unbound to any one cabal as true ERISIAN followers so as to remain neutral for the task at hand.

    The book was the result of much debate amongst between the cabals and the small but vocal followers of ANERIS, but once completed it formed the foundation for a unified DISCORDIAN religion as well as defining the structure of the government, the economy, and the world as a whole. The release of the book allowed for the foundation of THE AMETHYST ACADEMY, a school devoted to the training of followers in the ways of the cabals and the intricacies of the religion to better support them in selecting which cabal they wish to devote their time and energy towards.

    It has now been 1000 years since DISCORDIANISM became the dominant religion and many have become complacent in their rituals and have gone so far as ceasing to believe in ERIS. Some have even begun to wonder whether she was ever real and if so, will she ever return? If she does, when? And if not, what- and who- comes next?
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