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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lezalith, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Hey everyone,

    so, I'm pretty new to Rpg Maker, but I've noticed not many people like parallax mapping. 

    My idea was, create parallax maps to somewhat fit the 32x32 default grid, then mark walls and non-passable areas with script using regions. 
    Yes, if I intend to go for repetitive objects, walls etc. I might aswell go for tilesets, but I have always thought it's stupid how you can have only so many tilesets associated with 1 map (Speaking about VX Ace itself right now). Also, this would be alot of ant's work, as you will have to go for editing tilesets, and will have to be precise to the pixel (Literally, most of the time). 
    Another thing is, for a longer game, parallax maps could add alot when speaking about game's size.

    Thoughts on my thoughts, anybody?
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    Can't be helped that parallax mapping can be very taxing and may/will involve lots of effort, blood, sweat, tears, coffee, tea, and late nights. 

    The amount of time and effort increases exponentially as your parallax map gets bigger. 

    I usually limit my parallax map to at most 30x30 blocks, even then, perhaps it is due to my lack of experience, it requires dozens of test runs to make sure that the things are in the right place, etc. It can take me an hour for that.

    When I am working on my workshop request maps (50x50), the amount of time needed just shot straight through the roof.

    My thoughts? If you're not really as fussy about how your map looks, just stick with tileset edit and add object using the editor. Add simple overlay image for fog, sunlight, or whatever you need. If you're pursuing something more, make sure that you are actually committed enough to see your project through to the end. You don't want to spend hours making your first map, then realize that you ran out of steam afterwards. As for game size, I tried to keep my maps small and lower the quality by saving the less important bits using PNG-8 instead of PNG-24, and it cut down the map size by not-an-insignificant amount. (Someone please correct me if i am wrong)

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