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Mar 1, 2012
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1) Discussion should be general, not project-specific.

While you're welcome to use your project as an example, please try to keep the conversation broad. Feedback that's only specific to your project should be posted in your project thread. If it's too early in planning to have a project thread, you can use the Game Ideas and Prototype forum.

2) Try to stay on topic.

Conversations (especially good ones) can sometimes wander. This is perfectly natural. However, out of respect to the original poster and other discussion participants, please try to stay on topic.

3) Keep the conversation civil.

This especially applies to discussions where you may disagree with someone. A lot of us are passionate about game design and may have strong opinions and points of view. You are welcome to argue your position as passionately as you'd like and you are free to disagree with someone else's view. However, please be respectful of the other person. Do not attack them, call them names or otherwise knowingly insult them.

4) Report posts that are offensive.

This rule is clear when a post is breaking official rules. However, you are also welcome to contact a moderator if you feel personally offended by someone's post or point of view. While we want to encourage everyone to express themselves and discuss things naturally, we don't want to make members too uncomfortable to participate.
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