RMMV Displaced.

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    The heavy footfalls echoing off stone suddenly turned soft, her breath faltered without knowing why. Ahead a path, and behind a dense forest covered by thick, wilted grass.

    Elevator Pitch. A girl with no idea of where she was is Spirited away into a forest where creatures of fantasy reside, and the world is a clandestine puzzle to unravel at her whims.

    Update Notes (6/13/18)
    • Switches based on self-switches are fully completed!
    • The auto-kill death totem will kill the player before completing the puzzle even if only the last move puts them in harms way.
    • (Not a good artist, so I'm using the basic assets for now.)

    Concept. The protagonist is in a maze-like forest she must solve; but, many strange people and creatures reside within. The game will be puzzle-based, socially-charged, and story-driven.
    Characters will react differently to you based on your choices; areas will open or close as well. And in the end, your choices will culminate in a final consequence.

    Characters. I wish to have many characters, but I only have a few almost-concrete ones thus far:
    Tania. The protagonist. She is 15-16 years old with no memory of how she was displaced into the Duskbough. The only things relevant about her will be her name and sprite; how she acts will entirely depend on player choice and interactions.
    Lahan. The antagonist. He is a Dullahan; and wishes to collect the head of Tania. He will have his own house to explore at your risk.
    Ophorous. A big-hatted bard of sorts. He acts silly but has his own tricks up his elongated sleeves and knows many secrets the Duskbough contains.
    The Hooded Figure. No name as of yet. He offers vague advice and will be the most neutral figure of the game. He'll come and go as he pleases. Most of the time he will advise Tania to not take certain actions.

    Mechanics. I am shying away from any kind of battle mechanics. Instead, aiming for a Link to the Past-esque map; of which the entirety of the world is a puzzle. Push, slide, sequence, switches, falling, jumping, anything besides combat I will be using. Also, map interactivity. Lots of it.

    Setting and Story. The Duskbough is a twisted wood willing to go to great lengths to keep its secrets. Its residents and creatures live in an equilibrium, not a harmony, with their surroundings and each other. However; a single young teen is displaced, and begins to unravel the dark mystery; the strings of which stir up beings old and malevolent. She has no way home and no combat ability, and is left with only the hope she might return home.

    Final Note. I've had this idea for a while, but only just really got a glimmer of story in mind. I'm excited to share whatever I make, and I'm looking forward to feedback and discussions! I will be drawing the art myself as I progress. The world will be dark as it all takes place in a forest; but there will be buildings and structures. Creepy monster noises, tense music.
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    Mmh, if you make a game with choices, it'll be long, I hope you will not stop, question, you finished the illustrations of your character?
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    If you are going to link areas to the choices people make, it would be interesting to think about whether you would like all areas to be accessible in every playthrough of the game. If you don't it will be a lot more work, as you will technically be creating several different games in one. However, the replay value of the game will become very high this way. The same is true for characters, they will all need different dialogue for the different versions of the main character.

    This could be very interesting. You don't often see games going all-in on these choice based systems. (besides VN's)

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