Display different equipped weapon during battle?


Sep 10, 2017
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I have a battler that is dual wielding two weapons. One of them is a knife and the other weapon is a bat. Some of the battlers skills are stab/slash attacks that are done with the knife and some are bashing attacks done with the bat. The knife is normally equipped in the first battle slot. The problem here is: How do I have the bat show up during attacks?
For example:

<target action>
move user: targets, front, 20
wait for movement
motion attack: user
animation 72: target
wait: 5
motion dying: target
wait for animation
action effect
wait: 15
</target action>

This is the notetag for one of the skills that would use the bat. Unfortunately only the knife appears during motion attack: user since it´s in the users first weapon slot. How do i have this skill use the second equipped weapon?

I have battle engine core, all action sequence plugins, and weapon animation installed.

Is there any to display the skill users secondary weapon during the use of a skill? Or is there some way to have the weapons switch during the setup stage of the skill? So the bat and knife switch equipment slots in some way.

I apologize if this isn´t the right place to ask this.

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