Displaying Custom Costs for Yanfly's Skill Learn

Discussion in 'Javascript/Plugin Support' started by ATT_Turan, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Sorry if this has been discussed, I didn't find it with the search terms I tried.

    I'm making use of Yanfly's skill learn plugin with JP, and I like the idea of filling in around skills by spending JP to boost stats. I understand how to write the code for that.

    However, I have a lot of classes, and I want them to have different efficiencies for JP-to-stat ratios. Because I have so many, I figured the best thing to do would be to make one listing of each stat-boosting skill in my skill database and use notetag code to adjust how they work for the different classes.

    I can figure out how to do this for the Learn Require Eval and Learn Cost Eval, but my question is with displaying the cost to the player in the Learn Custom Text. The help file just says you can use text codes in it, which I presume references the control characters usable in text windows and such within RPG Maker.

    It doesn't sound like that supports the kind of conditional statements I need to display different costs for the same skill depending on what class you're in. Am I wrong? If so, can someone just point me in the right direction for what kind of commands and syntax I would use? Or am I right, and the only way to do what I want is to make a separate listing for each skill in the database for every class that will have different costs?

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