DnD Gnolls Sideview Battlers (and/or walking sprites)for MZ


Sep 9, 2020
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Hello talented insividuals with hearts probably made of legitimate gold. As a humble guy making a game on RPG Maker MZ, I would like to request side view battlers and/or walking sprites for a DnD 5e monster: the Gnolls. There are many variations on the monsters which are essentially just dog/hyena humanoids but a part of my game will soon include them and I would love to have them ready to go. Here is an image for reference and if maybe they exist somewhere on the internet already, then I apologize in advance, but I would love and appreciate the opportunity to have them made for my game. Here's a pic of a generic one but they can be within the realm of it and I would be through the roof.R192f0c6e14f9913cabfa7a6d19f4d9a8.png

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