Do the "plateau" blocks at the bottom of tab A of the Outside tileset serve any purpose?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker MV' started by TheBeardyMan, Nov 28, 2018.

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    At the bottom left and bottom right of tab A of the Outside tileset, there are a grassy plateau and a rocky plateau, each with a 3 x 3 top and a 3 x 2 front for a total of 3 x 5. But as far as I can tell, anything that can be made with those tiles can also be made with the autojoining "grassy plateau top", "rocky plateau top", and "plateau front" tiles near the middle of the left edge of tab A.

    Are they perhaps a fossil from an older version of RPGMaker (older than VX Ace - just tried it in VX Ace and the behaviour's the same as MV) in which "wall top" autojoining tiles didn't generate 4 way passability for walking on top of them?

    Is there any reason not to re-purpose those tiles for some other use?
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    they're there in case you want more complex cliff textures that couldn't be attainable with autotiles, since autotiles won't always give you an edge if you don't square off a section correctly.
    they're actually "regular background textures", as opposed to "autotiles", they just happen to be textured as cliff faces..... you can do whatever you want with them.
    I myself am on the same turf as you, making custom tiles to suit my needs, and figuring out how the sheets are engineered.
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    The autotiles don't play nice if you are trying to make a plateau on a plateau, so having those tiles as normal tiles as well is definitely helpful for that.
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    yes, they are - and both posters above missed the key difference.

    The similar cliff tiles above in the A tileset are part of the A4 section, which means that they automatically get the ceiling/wall-passabilities intended to simulate a two-level dungeon. This also means that the "ceiling" tiles cannot be moved on directly from the regular floor tiles.

    In regular mapping you don't see this difference because the required overrides are more or less automatically used due to the way cliffs are used in mapping, but it is the reason why some mapping combinations don't work as intended like said above.

    The lower tiles use the same pictures, but are not connected to that special passability but regular floor tiles.
    That way they could be placed without concern for special passabilities.

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