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    A One Map Challenge Entry


    Therese, of the RTP, has developed a severe case of tsunder-enza! This could develop into the highly contagious trope-itosis. Sadly, Harold has no idea that this problem even exists. To prevent the entire slime-verse from contracting such an annoying disease, Doctor Slime will have to talk to NPC's, Find an item, and tolerate the slimed version of the universe.

    Until now, the mysteries of the slime have been, well, mysterious! However, the public will soon know that slimes navigate through the multi-slime-verse via plumbing. An invention for our convenience, is their hyper-drive, worm-hole, or warp.

    Development Status:
    While I consider this little project to be mostly completed, I fully expect a bug, or a few, to exist. Again, I consider it completed, but I'm not counting out someone having an idea, and then I'll end up changing something. Also, no matter how complete I *think* it is - I don't feel comfortable posting something in the "completed projects" section until after it's been in the "In Development" section for a little bit. It's only fair to everyone to allow a chance for some feedback before calling it "finished."

    This is my entry for the 10 event / 1 map challenge. The game, which is only slightly more than a narrative, is a spoof of Doctor Strange with a few re-imagined characters as slimes. Don't expect an epic journey, or a massive story in multiple parts. The actual purpose of this title is just to provide the player with a chuckle.

    To fall under the fair use clause for a parody the following must be stated: I make no claim of ownership of the source material (Doctor Strange); furthermore, this derivative work is meant to be both free and a compliment to the source material. Finally, any likeness to persons real or fictional outside the scope of the parody is purely coincidental.

    Play as a Slime! Play as a slime with a HAT! There are not many other features to speak of, but this short narrative should be fully functional. The game uses several plugins, and a nifty common event that allows plumbing to be used for navigation. The game has only one real purpose, to provide the player with a chuckle or two.

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

    Currently at RMN: Version 1.2

    There are more credits listed within the executable file as well. All of the below mentioned resources were made available for
    the creation of Doctor Slime to varying degrees of usage. Please inform me if there is a missing credit, as I've mentioned in the
    past -- I can barely draw at all. So all the credit for artwork belongs to the people who have real talent!

    RPG Maker MV Base Resources
    [Copyright](C) Enterbrain, Inc.
    Resource creator: KADOKAWA
    DEGICA Inc.
    Resource creators: Murray Atkinson, Michael Rookard, Archeia, Lunarea

    Extra material provided, again, by the above and the following:

    Japanese Resource Pack
    (C) 2015, (C) 2016, (C) 2017 KADOKAWA CORPORATION./YOJI OJIMA
    @Sounds Produced by FIVE LEAF CLOVER CO., LTD.

    First Seed Resource Packs
    [Copyright](C) REFMAP
    Publisher: Degica, Co. LTD

    G3: Civilizations Music Pack
    [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
    Resource Creator: Gyrowolf

    Katakura Hibiki: Lords of Darkness Graphic Pack
    [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
    Resource creators: Katakura Hibiki

    POP! Horror City
    [Copyright](C) Degica, Co. LTD
    Resource creator: Vexed Enigma

    [Copyright](C) Studio Saizensen
    Publisher: Degica

    MV Epic Strings
    Murray Atkinson

    Wizard Castle Inner Tiles
    [Copyright](C) Sherman3D
    Published by: Degica Co., LTD
    Resource creators: Sherman3D

    Essentials Add On
    [Copyright](C) Enterbrain
    Resource creators: Murray Atkinson, Michael Rookard, Archeia, Lunarea

    Crimson Towers Battlepack
    Published by: Degica Co., LTD
    Resource creators: Michael Rookard

    >>-----More Credits-----<<
    Marimo, Thernz, whtdragon (Animals, Dragons, & many sprites - especially Kappa!), AVERY!
    Dainiri.Art ( Skeleton Troops & more ), Sinnistar ( Sunrays ), Alilali (Tile Recolors), Shibas

    Plugin Creators:
    Yanfly Engines (Yanfly for president!), SMRNDMDDE (Some Random Dude, seriously look him up on Youtube,
    his plugins are great; his tutorials are indispensable.)

    The Soap Box
    I would like to take a minute to mention *why* I chose this kind of entry. Specifically, a parody. I've played many "indy" games over the years, and nearly every parody/spoof that I've run across has had one of two problems. Either A ) they chose to ignore giving proper credit to the source material (this is BAD, it's like using someones art without giving credit), or B ) Use of the *actual* names and/or art from the source work (also BAD). In some cases, both no-no's were done.

    Generally speaking, even when doing a video for YouTube, one should only use similarly named/appearances to the source material, and give credit to the source material in scrolling text, an included text-file, or some other form of notification. This won't stop any and all cases of getting a C&D letter; however, if proper credit is given, and the derivative work is not defamatory, even a big company will likely be amused by the art/video/game rather than having to defend the trademark/intellectual property.

    Yes, this rant is how I spent my time waiting for the upload to get done :)

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    I did a really short review of this. Here are my thoughts:
    - Really well made parody of Dr Strange. I also appreciate that you gave credit to the original copyright-holders and did not use original sprites/artwork etc and crafted your own universe. Parody-games can be looked down on for being "easy" or effortless but making your own universe in the likeness of another is pretty darn difficult!
    - Music and graphics were good.
    - Pretty gutsy having a event being a throw-away joke (the firebreathing slime in in-between world). Although I guess you could have used subpages for doing other things...
    - The last step of the game was really difficult to figure out. I thought I was supposed to use the eye in every room until I found the hammer...
    - There were some bugs (see below) and it was hard to see where you were when in a vertical pipe. Contrariwise, it did not look like the character was in the pipe at all when in a horizontal pipe, although it was much clearer.

    The original review:

    Bug report:
    Sometimes when you go in/out the pipe I marked red you become the wrong size. It seems to happen randomly and going in and out again fixes it. It happens for only this pipe.


    Best joke:
    Gazing into the astral realm with the eye, expecially the form ideas seems to take there.
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    @Canini Thank you! I am still a novice, and it shows. Going by your review, I have improved some. Again, thank you.

    I wanted to fix the bug, but then I started laughing when I moved the sprite around the map super tiny. I feel I could have done more with the regions to make it flow better, and even to fix the sizing issue -- however, I was afraid that if I did that I would break the spirit of the challenge.

    Thank you again for taking the time to play my little entry, and to post comments. You've made my day! :kaojoy:
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    I have tried this!! It was a very cute game and parody of Dr. Strange xDD I'm not sure if I found the hammer though, cause I directly went to Marsha and she cast stone on Therese xDD

    Overall, I <3 those customized slimes xDD
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