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    Hi all,

    I am currently planning a Doctor Who inspired RPG game. This would be non-commercial and simply a fun, fan project. Ideally, the resource set would be fairly large and include a vast number of tilesets and character sheets.

    General Synopsis:

    You play as The Doctor. A Time Lord that travels the universe with a number of companions. The story begins with a simple distress call and takes players on a journey to the corners of the universe, battling a wide range of Doctor Who themed monsters and enemies along the way.


    A distress call is picked up by The Doctor and companions within the TARDIS. This distress call appears to be nothing more than your average spaceship in need of assistance. However, through a series of mysteries and puzzles, the Doctor discovers that a far more sinister plot is revealing itself. The Doctor faces the return of Omega.


    The following is what I am looking to include in the game/what I would need in terms of resources:

    • 1. The Doctor (any version)
      2. The TARDIS (both interior and exterior)
      3. The Master (any version)
      4. Doctor Who companions from 2005 onwards (Rose, Martha, Donna, Cpt Jack, Amy, Rory, Clara, Bill, Nardole etc.)
      5. A vast number of Doctor Who enemies (Daleks, Cyberman, Weeping Angels, Judoon, Slitheen, Sycorax, Autons, Sontaran, Ice Warrior, The SIlence, The Zygons, Silurians, The Ood, The Flood etc.)
      6. Doctor who secondary characters (UNIT solider, Davros, other Time Lords, King Fisher, Prof Lazarus etc.)
      7. Icons for sonic screwdriver and psychic paper
      8. Backgrounds / artwork for planets such as Earth, Gallifrey, The Moon, Skaro, Mondas
      9. Tilesets for Space ships, planets, star systems.
    The game will feature a wide range of mechanics such as crafting, alchemy, upgrading equipment (sonic etc.), upgrading the TARDIS and revealing more rooms, a detailed relationship system with other characters, different abilities.

    Recruitment (Numbers given as a estimate):

    Mappers - Looking at 3

    The most needed thing this game needs is highly decorated maps. I myself will be more focused on the eventing and writing of the project, so having team members who can create amazing maps is a must!

    Writers - Looking at 2

    Although I will be taking on most of the writing, I always feel that having a 'writer's room' is a great way to get feedback and other ideas.

    Artists - Looking at 2

    Artists to create the sprites, character sheets, tilesets, backgrounds, TARDIS interior/exterior

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this topic. :)
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    I think if you really want to capture the classic Doctor Who flavor, you should focus on repurposing existing assets and building a story around them, just like how the classic Doctor Who scriptwriters worked around whatever was leftover in the prop closet. The entire regeneration gimmick was built to make sure they could keep changing actors, et cetera.

    If you can get the writing to have the proper feel, you can use that to hook in other volunteers to do more fanservicey callbacks and upgrade your placeholder tardis or whatever into something more elaborate.
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