Oct 28, 2013
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Dollhouse (BETA VERSION)

by DeyJay5


You take on the role of a woman named Sophie, who buys her daughter a doll for her birthday. But after getting trapped inside the doll shop, she discovers that it is really a home for the dolls who live there, and they don't seem to want her there. Now you must help Sophie escape the dollhouse and save her family.


This is a survival horror / puzzle game where you take on the role of a woman named Sophie, who buys her daughter a doll for her birthday. But after getting trapped inside the doll shop, she discovers that it is really a home for the dolls who live there, and they don't seem to want her there. Now you must help Sophie escape the dollhouse and save her family.

You must navigate your way through the dollhouse by getting through each room. Each room has a puzzle that has to be solved before the door to the next room will open, however you must solve these puzzles without getting caught by the killer dolls that lurk in the surrounding darkness. The puzzles consist of things like finding keys, pushing boulders to cover certain area's, finding creative ways to navigate through blocked paths and leading killer dolls into places where they can't get you.

Download the game here:

Here is a game-play trailer:

Searching the dolls bedroom:


Solving a puzzle:


Solving a puzzle whilst being chase by killer dolls:


Using boulders to trap the dolls:


Dolls chasing Sophie through the sewers:



Let me be the first to say that this game is not perfect. I have tried my best to make sure that there are no errors, however there may be some minor bugs that I haven't found, but none that are game debilitating. I have proofread the game for spelling and punctuation errors, however it may not be 100% accurate. Nevertheless, I think this game is very fun and I hope that you will enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

Thread updated August 24th to include BETA in the title, as the 2020 remake replaces this as the official version.
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Jun 23, 2014
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I like weird ideas like this. Gonna give it a try!

Edit: First impressions: Nice, suitably creepy atmosphere, well-made puzzles, no complaints with the dialogue, and... i seem to be slightly addicted to it. Can't really find any glaring faults at this point, but i'll get back to it with another post edit once i've progressed further into the game.

Edit 2: 

And... i'm stuck, in the room with lots of deadly ground, a couple of chairs and a tree. I managed to push the chair to make a bridge to the other side, but damn, this puzzle's difficult. Gonna keep on trying
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Nov 5, 2014
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I have a review for your game DeyJay5 meow :3

I will be reviewing your game DeyJay5. This game has the honor of being my first horror game.

First of all there is no title screen music so what I recommend is that you should at least add a melody here.  So we start off with the aftermath of giving birth. I can tell that Sophie is a loving mother. The Mapping here is quite dull maybe you should add some electronics here to make use of the mapping space and nice music box, I loved it!

Here is where we come across our first “mini-bug.” In the scene where the kids are almost late for school if I were to hold SHIFT, then the moving characters will walk on top of each other but that didn’t bother me much. Apparently I was almost late for work BUT I guess getting a present for my daughter was much more important right? This is a sign of a good parent, I suppose. Also the house mapping looks magnificent! I like your graphics.

Outside is where I found a lot of errors. First, I JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR! Actually it was even better I went through the car instead! Also, I can walk through the kids playing on the grass area to the left of the small pond. Not only can I walk through the cars and kids, I can also walk through the rails in front of the stores. Now that I’ve gone through the errors that I found, I guess nobody in this town knows how to talk. It’s alright that nobody can talk but you should at least add some dialog to them to make the game lively. Speaking of dialogs, I suggest you add some faces to the character dialogs to show who’s talking because it can get confusing during conversions. One of the worst things in a video game is losing the sense of direction. Here, I am supposed to find the gift shop but there are a ton of shops. How am I supposed to know what I’m looking for?  So I finally figured out that it was the big white building. Although you have some errors in this part of the game, I do love how you mapped the outside.

So after the doll strangling scene, there doesn’t seem to be any music at all. So I suggest you add some music here to add more suspense to the scenes. Also the dad seems like a pretty dull character. Now this is where the game gets interesting. After Sophie said to “leave the store” I decided to stick around and check the door where the creepy store lady came from and I figured I must have “skipped” a scene since I never tried to leave the store to begin with. I suggest you add a switch here.

So I’m even more trapped inside the store and I found myself running down a long dark staircase. Suddenly a strange song comes on and since I was already holding SHIFT to being with, let’s just keep running I thought. It’s really dark in here so I suggest you some light because I can barely see myself. Even now I don’t even know why I’m running but at least I'm running from something. I decided to turn in to the first door I see and it turns out there’s a locked door in this room. This next part is probably the best part of this game. I exit out of the room and BAM (Good Job I jumped) Game Over screen. Now I finally knew what I running from, a doll. After multiple Game Over screens, I figured that there is a HUGE BUG here. It turns out that the killer doll will stay in front of the door so every time the player tries to exit one of the three rooms, you die automatically. So after multiple tries including a second play through, I will give this game a verdict of 2/5.

PS: Do not let this verdict discourage you.
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Mar 2, 2014
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It is interesting.

I give it a 66/100.

Shovelware is under 30 while gems are above 80.

It is in a great direction and it is a brilliant idea.

For more info press spoiler.

This is a review for an event that is going on on the forum at the moment.

I have good intentions and do a fair review expressing my own opinion for games made and shared here on the forum.

Let's begin with the download. It is 230MB. I did the same mistake while I was making my own first game.The fact is that RTP can be cut out so it won't be that big. It is not an easy proccess, but if you do it once and know what is going on, your next game will not be so big for no reason. That is said as I see not a non-RTP-included version anywhere. I wrote this thing and the game is 45% downloaded.

Please pardon me for being SO perfectionist. Keep in mind that I have good intentions all the time all right? I had a very bad experience by people taking a review as bashing. I promise this is not. I am strict when it comes to horror games but I will be fair!

So, "DOLLHOUSE" by DeyJay5. :)

A live review, while playing:

A common title screen, okay...

The birth incident seems not needed at all, since the second scene is in a house, that shows the same and even more people doing family stuff. A good map I can say, some editing on the original tile set could make ti even better (fridge is a little off place). This is a sufficient introduction to the characters.

Then comes a great map with streets, houses, parking spaces and lawn. People around but no interaction at all. Why not?

A cut scene in the future shows mom talking to a neighbor. So why not having that interaction as a player? :(

There are also some issues that have to be fixed I guess, I can pass above the car, I can run faster than the car, and kids playing on the street can create complicated bugged scenes. If these things will get fixed, the map will be polished. Very nice neighborhood. ;)

I assume you wanted to focus to the main game concept and I assume I am still into a huge intro with some interaction. If that's the case, you could have made a cut scene that shows mom going into the shop. :(

This intro is really huge, you should work this out on a future version, it feels like more like an interactive movie than a game. We go to buy a doll, look at all these shops I can not enter.

Then comes a very well directed incident. The first night with the doll.  ;)   :thumbsup-right:

Let's return that doll. Cut scene well made!  ;)   :thumbsup-right:

Jump scares... okay... I dislike jump scares but that's my taste. Not a bad thing really.

Something is fishy... yeah... cliche but always good.  :D

This is getting interesting...  :)   :thumbsup-right:

Instant deaths? Glad you got a save point. I like you. You didn't anonyed me.  :)   :thumbsup-right:

A doll is staring at me, Game over. What the heck?  :p   :unsure:   :p

This is too dark, It is not pretty you know... music is fantastic  though. :thumbsup-left:    :D   :thumbsup-right:

hy don't I have a menu? Found a key. Yeah! Thanks, I want a menu!!!  :razz:

OH! A light source! I better be able to get this! ALL RIGHT! Good!  :cutesmile:

Waaaait a minute...    :|

Am I in a... Dollhouse?  :o   :o   :o

OF COURSE...  :D   :thumbsup-right:

BRILLIANT idea. :thumbsup-left:    :D   :thumbsup-right:

Change the title... This must not be given from the title!!! This must be a twist! This game has potential to become a great horror experience. I am gonna play this a little more!

Sokoban puzzles! Nice.  :)

But the third puzzle is a labyrinth containing a mirror movement doll. And it is also a sokoban-like riddle.

Difficulty reached another level all of a sudden.  :headshake:

So. let's rate this:



Graphics are nice. Not parallax maps or shiny stuff, not extraordinary but also not bad maps that are really working. 


sound fx are all rught, maybe making some sound level adjustments could add to the atmosphere.


Music is fantastic. It is DLC based, heared it before but still it is a fantastic asset of the game.


Gameplay is something that is really essential for games like this. Having a huge intro, makes most of the players not want to go on with it. The player needs fast control in a game. Also you might consider adding a map, just to show inventory and do nothing more. Messages like "Found a key" make the player ask of such an inventory menu. Also, try entering the gamer into mechanics slowly, including tutorials. Sokoban puzzles are easily recognizable by me, but not by everyone. Also difficulty must not have so sudden curve.


Scenario is brilliant...


...but it is not directed very well. Honestly, change the title, polish it, do not spoil the dollhouse  twist! That was really nice! While I was playing I forgot about the title and said, "Wait a minute, am I in a freaking dollhouse?" And then remembered the title. Wow! What an idea you got there!!! 


Atmosphere: Some things I already mentioned, ruined the whole feeling, but STILL the game wins on the atmosphere. Music helps a lot and Khas light effects does also the trick!


Finally it seems not very polished.


Graphics: 60/100

Sound FX: 70/100

Music: 80/100

Gameplay: 50/100

Scenario: 90/100

Directed: 50/100

Atmosphere: 75/100

Polished: 50/100


Bottomline: 66/100


This game is interesting and pretty.

It needs some more work and it will become a real gem.

As it is now, it is not that good.

But it is on a good road to be a really extraordinary game that has potential.


DayJay5 if you read this, know that if this is your first game, it is a really GREAT effort. It just needs a little more work on it, to make it shine. Please take your time doing it, and come back with a newer version that will drop our jaws. I know you can do it.



Aug 5, 2012
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Okay here is my review.

For starters, your game somehow changed my user settings!


Note: I had turned off all the functionality that could even turn that feature on.


You can outrun a car and in fact, overlap it.

Okay now as those things are out of the way, I liked the overall theme but the mapping could use some work. I understand that you want the theme to settle in but you run a long hallway over and over again due you have no clue what to do. Just give the players even basic menu access so they can save or something.

Also, if you actually explore the town you have made, including the school front, it just all breaks down. No NPC want to talk to you and some even don't give a damn if they hit you on the way (which makes one wonder if the protagonist is actually alive and well? Of course she is, but still.)

Dollhouse's store area is odd but it is actually justified by the plot. Still makes wonder if all those dolls on display were actually sold, how exactly this creepy seller managed to do that so fast? The place was new and I doubt that such neighborhood has so many kids wanting just that doll.

I feel that you should work for it a bit more even though you claim it is completed. I feel that your game has a great potential that is left untapped by its early premise and maps that could use some details.


Jul 16, 2013
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Okay, I'm going to try to give a review.

First of all, I should say that I haven't actually finished. I got stuck on the block puzzles after getting locked in the doll store (I'm guessing this is still in the early section in the game) 

I have to say the introduction feels a little long (I don't mean long as in time sense, more story wise) Yes, it's all well and good to introduce us to the budding new family, but why if we're just going to be thrown into a typical day years later? It just seems a little disjointed (since you almost expect it to be the baby's doll that causes the problems then)

Other people have already commented about the strangeness of the shopping district map so I won't go into that.

I do have a problem with how dark it gets in the maps when you get trapped in the store; I could barely see anything. It was actually so bad that I had to play three times to realize what to do (and lean probably too close to my screen)

After that it's fairly straight forward till where I got stuck. I'm not going to say much here to keep from giving anything away, but the third puzzle was way too complicated (and no undo; I kept making mistakes and having to reset the whole game to reload only to do all three puzzles again) 

Oh, that and Khas Awesome Light Effects kept throwing an undisposed bitmap error, but I think that's just a common problem when using that script. 

From the amount I played the story felt a bit like an afterthought and pretty much played like a typical RPG Maker horror. Don't get me wrong, though; it's not a bad game, it just jumped difficulty in a way I didn't feel like getting around and could probably use just a little more polish.


Feb 7, 2019
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So i finished the final boss battle after that you need to play another ****ing swimming game. So this time the monster chases you but hes faster than you. The whirlpools are too ****ing far sometimes youll get surpassed by him sometimes you made it but i just wanna say this part is the most frustrating of all.

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