Jun 4, 2016
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// Ok I'm probably writing this in the wrong section so anyone can send me to the right address if I'm mistaken.

This is sure familiar to everyone who played Persona 3 or 4: You hit a enemy with the element it is weak against and it goes "down" status. This status dures just one turn, but if you know how to use your skills, you can make all your enemies goes down and release an All-Out Attack with all of your party's strength.

For who doesn't know what I talking about: the "down" ailment is a status change that only occurs when you hit a enemy with a skill attributed with its weakness. For example, you hit a shadow weak against fire with a fire skill and it goes down. This status only takes until its that shadow's turn. If you hit a enemy within his weak point when it is already down, it gets a even worse status (dizzy I guess) and it takes longer.

When all the enemies are down/dizzy you can perform an all-out attack, where all your party members smack off the enemies for a massive damage and fast elimination.

My doubt is: how can I make a enemy instantly gets down when hit by its weaknesses and how can I make a common event that acticates when all enemies are down?

Its simple to make a enemy be weak against a element, but to add a effect that only happens under these circunstances is a mystery to me. Is there a way to make the enemy react differently to one kind of element with exception of weakness? Or should all my elemental skills call common events to check if a certain enemy is being hit with it? What commands do I use?

Also, how to activate a troop event when all enemies are under the same ailment? I know you can call events when they have a specific health or lower, but how to do it when you want it only under a status?

Sorry if my english is rotten (I'm not a fluent)

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