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Jan 11, 2020
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As most people are aware, we had to shut down our DQ fanMMO due to threats, but our spirit to make a Dragon Quest-related game has not been sundered in two (or would that be in goo?). To minimize the ability for the hate group to be able to get at our players, we've instead opted to make an offline DQ game and save the MMO for the future.

But that has left us up the creek without a heal slime. So we've embarked to put together a team that can speed up our ability to pump out content for the new project, titled Dragon Quest: Ensemble to Eternity.

A game based upon a fanfic which has gained some popularity in the DQ fandom, Ensemble tells the journey of many of the DQ Demon Lords whose worlds have become jeopardized by a mysterious, cosmic threat that has begun to unravel their astral planes. To do this, they team up with an unlike gang of partners: gamers from our plane here on Earth.

Ensemble is considerably darker and grittier than a standard Dragon Quest fare, but will be made in the titular series spirit still.

Transparency is important so I'll get this out of the way. We couldn't bring over almost anything from our shelved game, so Ensemble's progress is nearly nil. We are recruiting early because simply put, we require the help. I am ill, and many of the team also suffer with illnesses, and we want to get up to speed by having some extra hands.

Side-quest writers/Brainstormers: I'm busy editing and adapting main script into a game format for review, but what is a DQ game without character-building, world-fleshing side-quests? Also looking for some creative minds to come up with systems or to give valued input on systems already proposed.

Mappers: A journey needs breathtaking views that get etched into memory and places that breath life into the narrative. A mappers job would be to help design the map layout as well as take the art assets and assemble them.

Extra hands on art/animation/sprites: Although we have artists and animators, we could always use extra hands just to make haste~ The style in both the animated scenes and sprites resembles Toriyama's. Examples from the team (yes these are for the game):


The game will have a few animated scenes, however small. But the more artists and colorists we have, the better quality we can make them, or maybe even sprinkle in a few more. Map pieces will be digitally hand-drawn instead of pixels, but sprites/animations will be there. If you like to draw designs, icons, backdrops, you're more than welcome to settle in and help.

Voice Actors: We'll start out with just battle voices and a few cutscenes rather than lots of voiced dialogue, but may expand. Male, female, deep to high-pitch, we have all sorts of opening. Drop your demo reels. <3

Music/SFX: We plan to use free resources for music UNLESS we can find a dedicated composer. I don't want DQ-y sounding music for this as I personally don't like DQ music and I'd rather pick more pleasing musical styles. Orchestral is fine and even encouraged. Right now we're chosen a few pieces from Really Slow Motion (mostly for scenes), kongano, serpentsoundstudios, etc. For sfx we WOULD prefer it to sound like Dragon Quest, if possible.

Programmer: We'll need this down the line after I figure out which systems are easier to just go ahead and event. If you're knowledgeable about that, and even want to chip in ideas that you can later program, feel free to hop on right now. My programming knowledge for JS is minimal.

My goal is to build a team to help from the ground up so if that's your thing, we're your team.

Me: Lead dev, writer, lead eventing, lead animation (non-sprite), singer, director
Thanatos: Co-lead, community manager
Hargon: Writer, mechanics designer
Michelle: Writer
Baramos: Lead sprite artist/animator, map artist
Justintrudaddy: Soundscape designer
We have a few voices pinned down already, but I won't list em as that will stretch the text, just know we have them too.

NOTE: While we have positions, we work as friends, as a team, and can help each other whether by constructive crit or something else. Input from everyone is encouraged. You're not just a art/code/word-monkey in PixeLockeT.

As this is a non-profit fanmade project to help people get a start into game dev while having fun and making friends, compensation will likely be minimal. I'm not saying payment of some sort won't happen, I just can't guarantee a price exactly. I'm always willing to help on other projects or do game reviews in exchange for some help.

Many of us on the team are ill and take breaks so we don't require deadlines. As long as people are having fun working and things are getting done, it's fine. If you need a hiatus just tell us. I'm trying to build a company based on trust and in a you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours way. We'd love permanent members but if you just wanna help on this project and not future, commercial projects, that's also fine! We're just happy to have goo, I mean you. Let's splattack those game dev goals together~

Offer has drawn near. Command?


May 26, 2021
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i am the first to reply to this? perhaps it is a sign? written in the stars? a destiny perhaps?
just when i start seeking resources for my Dragon Quest inspired game, i see a thread requesting help with another dragon quest style game....
this cannot be a coincidence.

anyways, all jokeing aside. i am getting in to game development myself, and i have planned out 3 dragon quest style games. basically 1 main, with 2 sequels. should be fun.
but as i really do love dragon quest, and rpgs in general, id really like to know more about your guy's project.
maby i can help with creative ideas and such.
and ium actually in the same boat myself, for my projects, i cannot atm offer compensation except as a trade off. so offering ideas for free doesn't bother me.

***oops, forgot that i planed another game that is dragon quest/ dragon warrior inspired lol.

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