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Jun 28, 2014
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Dual Weapon Restriction 1.0
created by superMasterSword
This is a simple plugin I made for my personal use but figured I'd share it since although there's a lot of plugins that give you various equipment restrictions on skills but I wasn't sure if there was one that specifically made it easy to require Dual Wielding without a little javascript knowledge.

Allows the Maker to easily make skills that require two weapons to be equipped to be useable.


Just install the plugin, then put the <Dual Required> tag in the notebox of the skill, then just set the Required Weapon Types as normal, except instead of requiring one weapon or the other be equipped to use, it will require both!
You can also make a weapon require two of the same weapon type, just set both Required Weapon Types to Swords (or whatever you want) and it will require the user to be wielding two swords (or whatever you set).
Also, if you set the Required Weapon Type to None, it will the user to have no weapon equipped in at least one slot, (but still be Dual Wielding) or 'bare-handed.' This was done for two reasons, 1. To give the user the ability to create skills that require that specific configuration, and 2. If you're only trying to require one weapon, why on earth are you trying to use this plugin for that skill anyway? (remember, this will only change skills that have the <Dual Required> tag in their skillbox, you can easily have both this plugin enabled and a skill that only looks for a single weapon type just like the default)
The slots are not order-specific. So if you make a skill that required the user to wield a sword and a dagger, which are in that order in the database, the skill will be usable if the actor is wielding a sword in the "primary" slot and a dagger in the "secondary" slot or a sword in the "secondary" slot and a dagger in the "primary" slot.

Note: Make sure to right-click and save as from the 'raw' button. Or just regular click the raw button and manually copy and paste all the text into a file and save it as a .js but that's a lot more hassle.


This is free to use in commercial and non-commercial games, credit would be very much appreciated but I will not require it since this is a very simple plugin. You may edit and repost this, but please give credit to me as the original author. A free copy of the game if it is commercial would be awesome, but again, I will not require since this plugin is so simple.​

I encourage you to try and find awesome and creative ways to use this plugin, such as combining its features with the many others out there by this point. Because awesomeness is generally awesome, and everyone loves awesome stuff. I look forward to seeing what you all create. :D

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