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    MV, just like Ace, Has the issue where dual wielding allows for the use of larger 2 hand weapons to be in each hand.
    (Since Shield slot becomes a Weapon slot, instead of just being treated as Right and Left hands.)

    I used a "Semi" fix to the issue.
    I have a common event that constantly checks each character who has the "Dual Wield" state active.
    Then checks to see if they are equipped with the 1st 2hand weapon, then the next, then the next, then the next, and so on.
    If they are, it removes the dual wield state.
    If they go back to single weapons, it then allows them to dual wield again.

    While this generally works, three issues have come up from it.

    (1) The event only runs once they exit the menu, which allows them to equip two of the larger weapons, only for it to be unequipped once they exit the menu. (Same in reverse for single wield being removed for dual wield.)

    (2) It's a bit tedious to go through every possible character, and every possible weapon in the game, rather than just check some sort of flag of the weapon being a 2hand type.

    (3) A common event is constantly running now, which is going to add to future issues with too many parallel processes going off at once.

    (4) Equip a 1hand weapon in the main slot, and then a 2hand weapon in the 2nd slot, and now you get the advantage of  having both equipped.

    Im trying to see if there is a way to simplify this with the games default system/events, w/o having to rely on plugins. (Though I wouldn't mind small changes to the .js files directly, but it would be the secondary course of action with no other better option.)

    EDIT: Playing around with states a bit more, I've come a step closer, yet still not there.
    What I have now done, is given the ability to equip weapons as a "state" rather than a passive from the class or character.
    The weapons will have "Resist State" attached to them, to resist the ability to equip weapons of the opposing hand type. (1h, vs 2h)

    This fixes the issues with #4, where putting a 1hand weapon on 1st, doesnt allow you to equip a 2hand weapon in the 2nd slot.

    but now the new issue;

    (5) Once you resist a state, and have it removed, it doesnt come back, until you leave the menu, and wait for the common event to apply it again.
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