Oct 30, 2015
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Hey all!

It seems like people were interested in my dynamic title plugin. I will put it right here, just simply save it as anything like DynamicTitle.js and put it in your plugins folder.

What it does:

With this plugin, it enables you to specify an alternative title song, and background which can be toggled on or off via a switch.
Since games can have multiple saves, this is designed to iterate through every single save to find the switch specified. If a single save has it on, this kicks in.

This can be useful in varying scenario. I developed this for a title I am working on, in which partway through an apocalyptic scenario occurs. My default title/bgm is something uplifting, but if the event occurs it's a dark theme with dreadful tones for music.

How it works:

When the plugin is loaded you will be given 4 parameters.

Switch Number - This is the switch that you want evaluated to trigger this. On will turn the dynamic menu on for the settings you specified. If the switch turns off, it'll revert back to your original title/bgm per System.

Alternative Title Song - This is the song you want to play when the switch is on. Points to your audio/bgm folder

Alternative Title Background - This is the main background you want to display when the switch is on. Points to your img/titles1 folder

Alternative Title Frame - This is an alternative frame you want to display around your background when the switch is on. Points to your img/titles2folder.

With these parameters, upon the launching of the title the plugin will scan every single save file and rip the data out for the switches for each one. If a single one of them contains this switch being true, it'll trigger the event.

This is also designed to work with Autosaves, that will be evaluated as well if they exist.

I have also tested this with several of the VisuStella plugins and had not encountered any compatibility issues.

Terms of Use:
You can use this in any project, commercial or personal. A shoutout in credits would be cool!

You can credit me as Mugen593


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