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Nov 27, 2017
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Hello. I am looking for a plugin that emulates the EarthBound/Mother series Odometer HP/MP mechanics.

To explain how it works, in EarthBound, when a character is hit with an attack or healed, instead of the HP automatically going to the new value, it begins ticking down/up at a set rate determined by what I believe is the guts stat (closest RPG maker equivalent being luck) in relation to the opponent's guts stat.

Here's the main thing though; while the HP is scrolling, the player can still select actions and moves with that character when it comes to their turn, even if they take lethal damage that is going to knock them out. When the battle ends, the characters HP will be whatever tick it's on at the victory screen; regardless if they took more damage than the HP they end at.

I've tried doing searching myself for a plugin along this line, but all my searches just brought up things that are largely just cosmetic. The HP scrolls too fast to have a real impact on battle to the point it's basically instantaneous or the code doesn't allow the player to select actions with any character while the HP is slowly ticking down until it reaches the new HP value.

I've tried learning javascript myself, but have had little luck in actually retaining any knowledge when it comes to javascript code; let alone applying it to RPG Maker MV.

I got a video of a boss fight from EarthBound that should be a good demonstration of what I'm talking about:

I hope you at least consider the idea. EarthBound's mechanics are some of the more unique I've seen in an RPG, and I'm kind of sadden no one's bothered to try and make a proper plugin for it so far.

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