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Jul 3, 2019
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Harvest Moon has been a big part of my childhood, especially animal parade. I remember one of my favorite part of the game was the attachment I had to the human characters, but the attachment was no match to the ones I had with the virtual animals. In my project, I plan to create a life sim that has elements to a farm sim such as a crop field, but the main goal of my project is for the player to create a menagerie of exotic, domestic, extinct, and mythological creatures. Some other features I thought of is the ability to buy multiple plots throughout the world which you can use for whatever you need from a lumberyard, to a crop field, and even a second menagerie. Multiple villages and areas to visit is another feature, a dynamic taming system, the ability to make GMO crops. tons of dynamic characters, a system where you choose 6 of your favorite animals and they can preform special abilities depending on their species, and so much more.

I'm very new to RPG maker, but I'm learning fast I'm currently learning the ropes of mapping, and how to install plugins. The version I'm using is MV. I have no artistic creativity what so ever so that is going to be my weak spot. And I'm not to sure about how I'll fare in custom plugins. But here are the people I can use for the team

Plugin Scripter
Pixel Artist
Musical Composer

I also have a discord here's the link

If you have any question you can ask on this forum thread or the discord channel.

Thank you for reading : )

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Uh, I'm probably overthinking this, but I think that some of my music sounds kinda...bad?
The melodies are just sort of awkward, and don't flow.
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