Easter Egg Rewards?

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics Design' started by UNphiltered_khaos, Feb 5, 2015.

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    Hey everybody! So, I have been developing a few games, and as it turns out, NONE of them are actual RPGs. As such, I really like to stuff my games with Easter Eggs. The only problem is, I can't think of any kind of rewards for finding said easter eggs. I was thinking of drawing some pics, but I suck at drawing. I was just now thinking about a room with a jukebox, and when you find a certain number (or a certain one?) you can go to it. Other thoughts include a "Hall of Fame" on my website, or if you find a certain number of easter eggs, you get a code at the end of the game. If you find the code in 3 games, I will give the player a download to a 4th game. The only problem with these ideas is: The Internet. Anyone could fake out this system very easily, to the point that I might as well just release the game publicly. Maybe take a cellphone photo of the screen with the info on it and a special email address to send it to? I could easily compare any photos I receive, and if I get two of the same...

    Some kind of a reward system would be cool though, because, as I said, I have a penchant for secret things in my games. I just can't think of anything of value to warrant finding these things. Any suggestions and ideas would be appreciated. 

    Edit: Does anyone know of any good minigame scripts? I could always have an arcade...
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    You could randomize most of the elements in a code but keep some of them the same; look up "checksum" for example.  This way, everyone will receive a unique code when they find the Easter Egg (and therefore if two people send you the same code it's overwhelmingly likely they just copied it), but each time someone sends you a code, you can check it to make sure that the constant elements are legitimate.

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