Easy 5+ choice event menus guide!

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    Hello everyone!

    This quick guide is for all the newer people, who have all wondered if it's possible to allow the player to choose from more than 4 options, when in an event.

    I've seen some people just make the last choice "Next" and on the last set of choices, make it loop back to the top 4 choices.

    Though it works, it's not very pretty imo.

    So here I was thinking about a new way to do this, without having to use scripts! (And not needing complex custom menus, which use up a lot of image files/show picture.)

    Lets say you have 10 classes, and you want the player to pick one.

    Make 10 different items, and make sure to click on the drop down tab, to make them "Key Items".
    Each Item, is the choice (class name).
    So, for example, make the 1st item called "Warrior"
    Then the next key item needs to be called Priest, and so forth.

    Now, give the player 1 of each of those.

    Now, go into the event, where you want them to pick from 10 classes.

    Click on "Select Key Item" on page 1.

    It will ask to save the players pick to a variable.

    Now, what will happen, is the game will pop a menu up, and show all the key items.

    It will show how many of those items are in their inventory, so u may want to give the player 1 Warrior, 2 Priests, 3 Mages, 4 Ninjas, etc.

    This way, when they see the list, it looks like the numbers are the choice number. (Choice #1 is Warrior, #2 is priest, etc)

    When the player picks one, the choice is saved as a variable, and now u can do the conditional branch, that acts depending on which item they chose.

    just remember to remove the items from the player, so they dont find them in their key item inventory later!
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    Hello, can you modify your topic to show pictures? The layout seems to suggest that there should be pictures but didn't went through.
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    am I mistaken in thinking that this method would only work if you were not using any key items? because it seems to me that if you already had a key item in your inventory that it would show up on the menu..... or am I not understanding?

    wouldn't it be easier to create a picture of text and then just use number input? again I might not be understanding.
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    @Grandmadeb - I think that's the way the select key item works... so to use the system once you already have key items, you need to save and remove all of those first, then re-add them later
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    Thanks, E.A.

    So if you are using this at the beginning of the game, no issues.

    But if key items have become available, you'd have to precede this with a series of conditionals and have a set of variables to track existing key items. Am I following along?

    I guess I would honestly teach one of my new game makers to take a snip and show picture and just input a variable if other key items were in the mix.

    But at the beginning of the game, or in games with no key items (as you can tell, [= I don't use them) it would add flexibility to use this method, and programmers are all about flexibility.

    Thanks folks.

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