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May 9, 2017
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Hi all! I'm using a plugin that updates the player character dynamically. It is by Echomap and can be found here: https://github.com/echomap/rpgmvplugins

Although initially confusing to set up, it actually works very well and successfully updates the character and layers their png spritesheet with different images, e.g. hair, clothes, etc, from another folder. So at least the hard part is out the way! However, this plugin hasn't been updated for some time, and I have come across a couple of issues...

1. The first issue: The graphic of the character briefly flickers when they update and an extra layer is added to them in the game. This flicker doesn't happen all the time when a layer is added to them, but sometimes it does, and I'm not sure why.

2. The second issue: When the graphic updates the character's spritesheet also flickers in the corner of the screen for a few frames. Fortunately the spritesheet flicker in the corner isn't visible if I'm playing the game at a lower resolution BUT it can be seen if the game is played on 1920x1080 or larger screens, which is very likely something I'm going to allow as a option as my sprites are upscaled x2, so I'd love to know why that is happening and if it is possible to hide it.

There is 2000 lines of code in ECH_CCG.js but I believe the issues could be somewhere under Echomap_Processor.prototype.combineImagesLayer = function(bmp,imgLayerA,imgLayerE) or Echomap_Processor.prototype.loadImagesLayer = function(bmp,imgLayer) but I might be wrong!

I have thought about contacting Echo but since it has been a few years since this plugin was last updated, I would feel a little bad about bothering them. If anyone understands what might be the issue here, I would truly appreciate any responses! It would be such a big help for me to get these issues fixed as it's so close to being perfect!

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