White Mage
Mar 7, 2014
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Hello! First of all, I wanted to say that Effekseer was an awesome addition and breath of fresh air on RPG MAKER. It's exceedingly powerful, being simple to get into but offering an infinite well of power once you tap into the more advanced aspects such as complex Parenting relationships, Material nodes and Dynamic Parameters.

However, like any good change, and any first on RPG MAKER, it comes with its own set of issues. The biggest of them being the way RPG Maker MZ handles pixel animations.

Let's try a comparison between Effekseer and MZ:


There are three issues here:

1. Subpixel/Interpolation. I can't quite tell what's causing this issue, but MZ will cause weird artifacts on particles who look perfectly crisp and pixelated on Effekseer. As you can see, that's not a particle interpolation problem because that DOES work on MZ. It seems MZ scales the actual output weirdly.

2.Scaling. That's another issue that I think is connected to the first one. On MZ, the size of an animation is not given in pixels, but in screen%. While that's perfectly fine for regular particles, even were the artifacting problem to be solved, we wouldn't be able to dictate the proper pixel size of an animation, only its relationship with the canvas size. That means that an animation will only look good at one specific resolution, and bug out if you change it by the smallest amount, requiring another Scaling/Resolution relationship. This would probably require a plugin solution, where you can set a fixed Particle Space -> Pixel relationship that is independent of the canvas resolution.

3. Subpixels/Artifacting. This is not an MZ issue, and in fact it's not really an issue; It's present on the Effekseer version too. But it's still really important to achieving good retro animations at high resolutions. (at 1:1 pixel resolutions, the previous 2 solutions are enough.) If you have a 1280x720 resolution with graphics that are upscaled 4x (thus pretending to be a 320x180 resolution), particles will still move in increments of 1 pixel in the 1280x720 canvas, creating visual artifacts such as one pixel standing halfway through the other. This requires a shader solution (one shader rendering the animation at 100/x resolution, and another upscaling it by x, with x being the relationship between a real pixel and an upscaled pixel). This is probably a task for a standalone plugin, though.

But yeah, the first issue makes it literally impossible to have a crisp pixel art animation on MZ. (except for importing the MV animations file). The second issue makes it really hard and inconvenient. The third issue makes it kinda ugly but it's a minor issue.

Hopefully this all can be solved and MZ be a powerful tool to make beautiful pixel art, low resolution games!

The Row

Mar 2, 2016
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This is imo a huge issue. What you MAKE is what you should GET, not a random blur of goo, espcially when the most common look of rpg maker is an old school/pixel look.

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