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Nov 27, 2015
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This plugin allows you to create notifications in your game.

Version: 1.03

Change Log:

  • Added adjusting notification window sizes, based on text size
  • Added more notification types (gainExp , level up, etc)
  • Added different text for exp or money gain / loss
  • Added notification for class changes
  • Updated animation to fix issues with closing prematurely
  • Fixed moving back to scene and going through old notifications
  • Fixed abrupt animation on first notification


  • Default Notifications
  • Disabling Notifications
  • Custom Notifications
  • Executable Notifications
  • Sliding Animation + lowering opacity


  1. Install the script with the same name: EISNotificationSystem.js
  2. Use the functions below to run your own notifications.
  3. Currently the names of the current default notifications are : 'gainGold', 'gainItem'

    • You can disable them with the disableNotification function by using the above names.
  4. Have fun!

* Version: 1.00
* This plugin allows you to create notifications in your game.
* Functions:
* KR.NotificationManager.updateNotifications(notificationObject)
* - Creates a new notification on screen.
* KR.NotificationManager.disableNotification(handlerName)
* - Disabled a notification by name in either the custom, or
* in the default notification list.
* KR.NotificationManager.createNotification(notificationObject)
* - Creates a new custom notification, that you can call by name.
* KR.NotificationManager.callNotification(handlerName)
* - Calls the notification by name from the custom list.
* Note: Notification Objects
* Notification Objects are objects with specificied properties.
* Properties such as: name, process (true/false), text --
* (the text you wanted printed to the screen), and process
* (You can insert a function here for the game to run.)
* Example:
* KR.NotificationManager.updateNotifications({name:'rain',
* process:true, operation:
* function(){
* $gameScreen.changeWeather("rain", 5, 100);
* }, text:'It started to rain.'});
* - This update causes rain, and draws the text to the window.

Setup Example Windows:


In-game Examples:



Please see the below attachment to use this plugin.


Free for both commercial and non-commercial use.Credit with the name Kino or Endless Illusion Software.

Thanks:Thank you to anyone who decides to use this script; I appreciate it!

If there are any bugs/issue, please contact me via message on the forums. I want to try and make the script as extensible/flexible as possible, so if you have an ideas also

please message me!

I will be continuing work on this plugin this week to make it more extensible, so please comment with any interesting ideas.

View attachment EISNotificationSystem.js
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