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Jul 23, 2016
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Secluded away deep within the thickets of the Finalumo Mountains, past the coal mines and the nomad camps, lies the sleeping village of Tumulo. Not much is known about the village, but its citizens believe that those who are brought there are chosen by the Light, and have arrived with a purpose in their heart.

Travelers often ended up staying and built their lives around the village. A Forge was built to gather ores and minerals from the mines nearby, and a Guildhall was constructed so that the High Mages could practice their devotion to the Light. Soon, the village of Tumulo grew strong and the Light grew ever stronger with it.

But what of the travelers with evil in their hearts? Can the Light truly shine for those lost in darkness? Can it dissolve the shadows that tread in their wake?

As the morning passes and the sun reaches it's apex, a newcomer sets foot in Tumulo, his right hand on his dagger, a contract clutched in his left, and a purpose that blurs the lines between Light and Darkness. This is his elegy.


Inigo is an assassin, and he's come to complete a guild contract in the village of Tumulo. With his quick wits, he must learn what he can with the little information he has. and find his mark among the villagers of Tumulo. Inigo dreams of being able to leave the province with his lover, Fae, as soon as he has enough coin. One more contract is all he needs.


Lazlo works the Construction Site in Tumulo, building new homes for the travelers who decide to stay. Although Lazlo is not a member of the Mages Guild in Tumulo, he still reports directly to them for his daily duties on the Construction Site. His simple-mindedness and physical resilience makes for a strong laborer.


Argus built his Forge by hand shortly after he found himself in Tumulo. He has been working tirelessly to forge weapons and armor for the people of the village, however he has fallen onto hard times. What could be troubling this talented blacksmith?


Horanu is a gifted mage serving as an apprentice within the Mage's Guild who would rather spend their time casting spells than making small talk. What could this powerful mage be hiding?



Agatha is the oldest member of the village. She tends to the Farm with the mute farmer Yoren, and also creates potions for use by the high mages. Her dedication to the art of alchemy and herbology is of the utmost importance to the prosperity of Tumulo.

Markus is the prophet of the Light, and helps to spread the message of the Light throughout Tumulo. His Shrine is home to many gatherings and celebrations within the town, and he is regarded highly among many of the villagers.


Ros runs the General Store in town. What started as a place for the villagers to barter soon became a hot spot for newcomers and travelers to purchase goods while traversing the mountains. However, her shop is currently closed, as Ros has come down with a strange sickness. What could be bothering her?


Talcia is the caretaker of the Idle Rest Inn in Tumulo, and was previously enlisted as a prophet of the Light. Her can do and bubbly attitude is always appreciated among the villagers, which made the sudden transition to Innkeeper seem uncanny. She does her best to run a respectable establishment.


Inigo's target is somewhere in Tumulo, but where could she be hiding?


-7 unique Villagers, each with over a page of dialogue to explore!
-Custom soundtrack created by HexMozart88!
-A rumor collecting system - all rumors can be found in your Journal!
-A deep story within a bite sized game!
-Different rewards appear in the dungeon depending on which rumors you collect!
-A furious, fast, and fun action battle system!
-Two puzzles to complete - one small, one medium!
-Voice Acting by the talented Dan K!


Town 2.PNG
Exploring the town of Tumulo.

Inside 3.PNG
Come, confess your sins and desires to the Light.

Inside 4.PNG
Speak with Villagers about Locations and Characters in town.

Dungeon 1.png
The battle rages on!

As you make your way through the town of Tumulo, you will often find yourself in conversation with the villagers - this is your primary way of your finding your target, collecting Rumors.

Chat Window.PNG
As you learn more about Tumulo and its villagers, more options will become available for you to Investigate. Any information obtained will be added to your Journal.

Journal 2.PNG
Here, you can read up Rumors you have collected for each Character and Location within Tumulo. New entries into your Journal will be denoted with a red journal icon.

Journal 3.PNG
But that's not all! The information you collect directly affects the gameplay elements within the second half of the game, allowing you to replay the game, collect a different set of rumors, and tackle the second half of the game in a totally different way! Will you learn about the Forge, helping to unlock a weapons rack within the dungeon? Or perhaps you will research the Farm and receive additional healing items? The choice is yours to make!


Combat in Elegy utilizes a fast and fun action battle system that is designed to keep you on your toes!
ElegyOverlay.pngDungeon 2.png

We recommend that you review the controls for combat before diving in - being an expert assassin can be hard to get used to at first, but with practice comes devastation!

We also understand that some players will not have a number pad on their computer. This
article should give you the tips you need to play Elegy!


You can play the original submission, or the most up to date version!

Download Version 1.1 on Itch.Io

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Download Version 1.0 (Original 30 Day Submission)
Windows | Mac | Linux

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Dan K

Modern Algebra
Mr. Trivel


Crystal Gems by Kokoro Reflections
Film Grain Effect

Keyboard PNG


Special thanks to everyone on the forums here in the RPG Maker Web community!

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Jul 23, 2016
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Hello again, everyone. The full release of Elegy is now available to download!

We hope you all enjoy our first ever game release! We learned a lot together as a team creating it, and we all hope to learn even more from the members of the community who play it!

Also, be sure to check out all of the other No Travel Game Jam entries, and show your support there as well! Thank you again!
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Feb 15, 2016
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I like the game and I have to say, the voice acting was a surprise to me, a good one. The amount of reading content the game provides is awesome and in huge amounts, but that could be something negative too, as not everyone likes to read that much (I loved it ;) ). I hated the combat system. It seems to lack a learning curve, you jump straight into it from 0 to 100, instead of, let's say, have one room to do some training first, or something like that (but this might be due to me avoiding the use of plugins, new to the controls and everything). That investigation system is great, gave me a nostalgia slap way back from Morrowind days, which is awesome.

- I'd say not for me, but my advice would be to make another weaker/slower/low damage guard stay behind the one that runs off to alert everyone. That way the player gets prepared for the onslaught that follows.
Story - Interesting really. Loved the part where he reads the letter out loud.
Bug/Glitch - I noticed only one really. There is a house in the upper left corner (One of those) that teleports you at the wrong location (in front of a different house) when you leave it. Nothing game breaking, was just weird to see.

The visuals, sounds, music and effects are great in my opinion, but then again, my favorite tileset is still the default one. The conversation flow with the npc's and the investigations were just fun to read.
The game has potential to be bigger, as the material for the world-building is there, just needs a few tweaks here and there, maybe less investigation popups (or only for the really important ones to the game/plot/quest entries) and a better way to introduce battle.


Aug 3, 2012
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Significant bug - I went in to a house at the top of some stairs, between the Shrine and the Guildhall, spoke to the Villager, but leaving transferred me to the top of a totally different location, though also at the top of some stairs, and when I tried to go back into the house I was asked for a password. Need to check that transfer event.

While I'm here, I'll also mention that there appears to be some sort of small lighting overlay for the outside of the town which follows me into the interior maps as well instead of being erased. It is also not fixed to the map but follows the player as I move around. I personally found this irritating. It also looks as if the overlay is too small for the screen, so I can see the edges and therefore parts of the map which don't have it.

Also while I'm here, I'll give the typos that I've seen so far. There are rather a lot of them, and I'm not that far into the game.
When asking Ros about her store, it reads “closed at moment”, should read “closed at the moment”

When talking to Horanu about the Guildhall, it reads “learn abput the Guildhall” should read “about”

Apprentice Mage top left Guildhall “why ony those three?” should read “only”

Opening dialogue with Markus “this glorius day” should read “glorious”

Talking to Markus about the Guildhall “I rarley get to speak” should read “rarely”

Talking to Markus about the Forge “Poetic, isn’t the it” doesn’t make sense. Probably remove “the”. Next sentence “The fires ... is the same fire” “Fires” is plural, “is” is singular. It makes most sense to have the first fire as singular.

When talking about the Shrine he says “be filled the Lights warmth”. Missing the word “with” and it should read “Light’s warmth” Also can you “be heard from the Light”? Should that be “heard by the Light”?

Talking about Agatha “”These mountain hills arent so easy” should read “aren’t so easy”

“You receive Agatha’s Recipie” should read “Recipe”

When talking about Ros says “that shold not be” should read “should”

The description of the obsidian ring reads "are inscribed on it's band". Should read "are inscribed on its band".

Talking to Argus outside the Forge, asking about the elf “Not to many Elve’s around” Two errors there. Should read “Not too many Elves”

Talking about the construction site “I hope those worker’s at the” should read “those workers at”. As that is 3 instances of the same error, it might be worth reminding you that an apostrophe before an s indicates the possessive case e.g. The boy’s hat. The only exception is its/it’s where the apostrophe is to show that it’s a contraction of “it is”.

When talking about Ros says “It’s almost as if she had was remembering a dream that she had.” Doesn’t make sense. Maybe remove the “had” before “was”?

Description for Dusty Spellbook reads "untocuhed for years" should read "untouched for years"

Maybe not a typo, but the description of Inigo's dagger makes no sense to me. It reads "A dagger fasted out of crow's claw". What does "fasted" mean in this context? Also, whatever it means, that should probably read "out of a crow's claw".

Journal entry for the General Store after speaking to Argus says “I wonder the reasoning is?” should read “I wonder what the reasoning is?”

Talking to Talcia about the Construction site, it looks like the end of the sentence is missing.

When talking about Argus she says “I don’ want to” should read “I don’t want to”

When talking about Ros she says “She run’s the General Store” should read “She runs the"

As no one else has posted since I did the above, I'll include the Review part here.

I should say at the start of this review that this is not a genre of game that I would normally play, so one of the questions I was asking myself was “is this good enough to make me a convert to this genre?”

A couple of general points before getting down to the main ones. I thought the mapping was good, with an interesting layout, and nice choice of tiles. I did wonder if the Villager’s comment about the “vibrant colors” was meant to be sarcastic, as the overall visual tone is a bit more towards the grungy end of the hue spectrum. I enjoyed the custom BGM, but thought that that made the choice of using the default SE’s more unfortunate. If I go to leave the town via the road on the north side, east of the inn, I can’t, but there is no explanation. I just stand there at the edge of the map.

The basic foundations of the story seem interesting, but it’s quite hard work getting it. The mechanics of the Journal could perhaps be tweaked a bit to make it smoother and quicker to leave it. Just a simple use of Esc perhaps? As it is, it is necessary to go back a few times to get rid of it and move on. Having said that, the investigative aspect holds out the prospect of becoming quite sophisticated, and could be very interesting.

Dialogue trees work well, on the whole, but this is a game which – at least for the first hour approximately – relies on the written word almost exclusively. It is, therefore, unfortunate that there were so many typos. Some aspects of the dialogues left me a little bewildered. For example Talcia asks me to check out Ros because she’s worried about her. Markus more or less asks the same. However, going back to Ros after either of those two seems to make no difference. How am I supposed to “check her out”?

The battle system – well, I’d like to say something positive, but I can’t. I used C to check the controls, and my number pad did not do what the diagram said that it should. Pressing 9 did not allow me to Equip an item, it showed me the skills I had available. 2 did not allow me to run, it simply moved the player down. 4 did not allow me to use the skill that I had equipped (via 9), nor could I see how I could just do a simple attack as 1 did nothing. In short, it was a disaster and I shut the game down. Trying a second time, I turned the NumLk to Off before going down to meet the enemy and that seemed to sort out the key allocation problem, but I shouldn’t have had to do that to get the system to work.

There is quite a visual problem with your set up. Because it is new to me, I had to keep looking to see what key did what, which made it almost impossible to watch what either I or the enemy was doing in the battle. I had had no opportunity to familiarise myself with how the system works before getting into an encounter, which I thought was unfair on the player, and frustrating.

I do not see how anyone who is not already used to this particular battle system could possibly be expected to know what to do and to use that information in even a clumsy, let alone skilful, way. It was, in my opinion, a poor way to introduce the player to your combat system. I would like to suggest that you rethink how you do that. Also check out how the number pad works. It is also worth bearing in mind that a significant number of players, including me, do not use WASD for movement, but the arrow keys. I am, therefore, having to try and either use my right hand for both selecting actions and moving my player to the right place to use them, or having to try and be dextrous enough to use my left hand for WASD movement when I am not used to it.

I have decided that although the investigative portion might have been good enough to encourage me to continue with this game, the battle system, with its current presentation, is a turn off, so I will not be returning to it.
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Jul 23, 2016
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Thanks to everyone who has played and downloaded Elegy! We have made a small update to version 1.1 - this adds minor quality of life improvements, the fixing of spelling errors (the ones we could find), and an additional couple of rooms within the dungeon to ease into combat.

Keeping with the spirit of the challenge, we have decided to keep the original submission available. We look forward to any further critique and criticisms you can offer, and we will do out best to keep Elegy up to date!

Thanks again!
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Feb 19, 2014
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I gave this game a go, though I played the original version so sorry if I mention anything that you've already fixed. :rswt
The mapping for the town was great, but the overlay seemed quite odd. It didn't seem like light streaming through trees so I'm not sure what it was meant to convey. The bright spot on the middle of the screen made it almost look like Inigo was being followed by a ghost (which while amusing, was probably not what you were going for). The overlay randomly disappeared at some point, so I'm really not sure what it was supposed to be.

The journal is a good idea, but at the moment it's pretty clunky to use. Not having access to it in the menu felt strange, and needing to hit the J key meant that I needed to lift my hand off my keyboard which felt awkward. The journal's layout was a bit awkward as well, there were a lot of places listed that did nothing when I clicked on them and the player can still move if they hold down a direction key when selecting one of those. It's impressive that you evented it all, but I think it would have been easier in the long run if you had used a journal plugin instead.

Considering how important the conversation system is to the story, I think it could use a little more work. Using items on people is a good idea (and Inigo's responses to choosing his dagger were all great), so I would've liked to see that used more often. The fact that the talk menu defaulted to Small Talk was a bit bothersome, since I wanted to go over everything in the Investigate option but kept accidentally clicking the Small Talk option instead... Since the game is focused on gaining intel, I think it would be okay to put the Small Talk option lower on the list.

There were a lot of names and info flying around so I couldn't keep everything straight, but the overall story seemed interesting. Unfortunately the battle system made it impossible for me to keep playing to see where the story went.

I'm not a huge fan of using WASD for RPG Maker games, but I did try to use it to keep playing. I found the Grunt enemies to be really dumb, I left the game playing while writing down some notes and one Grunt was just running back and forth behind me, shooting but missing me every time. That worked out well for me, since it was easy to dodge the attack then but is probably not what you wanted the Grunts to do. The Grunts were much better at one thing than I was though: they can see and shoot through walls. Since my dagger was close-range, the only thing I could do was hope that I could run to the enemy before they did too much damage to me through walls.

I managed to fight well enough to reach the Hookshot, but after that I had to quit. The jump in power from Grunts to actual Mages was just too much, especially since I had the bad luck of getting surrounded by Wind Mages over and over. They'd spam their tornado attack on me, and while I tried to use the Shield to protect me I was still getting hit too many times to survive. I tried multiple times, but just couldn't get passed the first room after the boss fight.

Overall, you have an interesting idea for a game here but the battle system is just too punishing. I won't be playing the updated version anytime soon (too many jam games left on my 'to play' list), but I hope that you were able to make it a bit more fair. Good luck improving your game! :rwink:


Nov 30, 2013
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Finally got around to playing this! It's been difficult to find the time. I played for an hour, and got my first game over. So what I have to review is only up till I was killed by red-haired elf's high mage croonies. For my review, here I go:


* The voice acting was a nice surprise!

* Loved the investigate system of talking to people, that really got me absorbed and helps to draw the player into the mystery of the town and its goings-on.

* I noticed the interesting choice of the overlay for the world. I assume it served two purposes, the first to dim the bright default colors of the game, and the second, which I am assuming might be it's purpose, to show that Inigo's view on the world is bleak and grey. I presume that this would tie in later with his story arc, possibly if he is redeemed and the world becomes bright. I can only conclude this by the fact that the villagers make comments about the world being so beautiful and bright, yet Inigo's is grey and bleak. So props on the subtle storytelling aspect!


* Some minor misspellings here and there.

* Ran into a transfer bug in the dungeons. In the third room, if I were to go back, it sends me to the cell where I was first held in rather than the second room.

* My major issue is the controls. This could just be me. I am not use to playing with the number pad for my controls. Rather, I am use to hitting the number keys at the top of my board and spamming either my mouse or those numbers in general. I found myself hitting the number pad and adjusting my hand to move (since the arrow keys also functioned as movement). I know the game said to us WASD, but I guess I got use to the arrow keys so I could spam that dash SHIFT when running around town. So, it was odd to adjust. Again, this is likely just me but it made combat clumsy.

* That battle with the high mages after talking with red-haired elf. Totally got mowed down. I was probably suppose to use that shield I was given, but yeah... Maybe a note when you pick up the shield that they're versatile even against incoming magic attacks? Perhaps this could be done by Inigo giving himself a prep talk before. Just a thought.

Overall, love the game for what I have played so far and I would love to uncover the secrets of what is clearly a corrupt mountain village. Definitely would enjoy playing this to the end.


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May 15, 2016
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Thanks to everyone who wrote a review. ^w^

@Guardinthena Actually, everyone who's played it has complained about the controls. We used the controls that are used more in the industry outside of RPG Maker (WASD is apparently pretty common, though I wouldn't know because I play everything with a controller), because some of our team felt more comfortable with that.


Feb 11, 2019
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My Review :kaoangry:

RATING: 7.9/10


  • Awesome dialogue system
  • Great characters
  • Very nice mapping
  • Cool rumor system
  • World Building A+


  • Jarring and distracting parallax filter overlay
  • Difficult to use ABS (keypad)
  • Too much reading
  • Navigating NPC's speech windows was repetitive
  • Confusing puzzles
  • Pointless delivery quests


Wow...This game has so much potential. The world you built and the characters that reside within it are very memorable. I especially loved Horanu! Her dialogue made me audibly laugh and appreciated that. The drama amongst the town people was also very juicy and left me wanting to find out more. For example the relationship between Ros and Agatha. The guild hall was very neat and I loved the attention to detail in most areas of the map. Ex: the mage hiding behind crates for a breather, and the construction yard. Speaking of the construction yard, placing the movable crate there was a genius way to prepare the player for the crate puzzles in the dungeon. Well done. Dialogue is clearly a strong suit here. There was a distinct difference in "voice" between each and every character. Now for the amount of dialogue, in my opinion, was too much. I found myself skipping it and just reading to journal entries afterwards. The voice acting was...fine...but largely unneeded. If you do keep it I would suggest leaving it for just Inigo and not the other characters. The pitched up method was very noticeable. As for the look of the game I was highly impressed by your mapping skills. Such a fleshed out and detailed town. However going into buildings there are multiple rooms with nothing in them. I found myself wasting a lot of time exploring for no reason. Which leads me to the ultimately pointless delivery quests. After delivering the payment to Ros from Horanu I was expecting more than just a quick "thank you". Cut scenes were well done and the transition from inn to dungeon was perfect. The dungeon however is where I started to have issues staying engaged. The ABS combat was very difficult to use on the keypad and I wanted very badly for it to stop. I ended up only using one attack to get through it. After encountering Madolyn and fighting her three goons I had trouble with the colored crystal orb puzzle and eventually just gave up. This game has a lot of things it needs worked on but I would love to play a later version. Also one thought, since Inigo is an assasin it would've been cool for him to use stealth instead of ABS. Just my opinion. All in all great job! Can't wait to see what you do next! It was an honor to play your game!

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