May 7, 2014
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Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy - Prelude entry to the series.

The world of Hal’Veshja, created by god like beings called the Arcus. While they are many, they are one. These beings created life in their own image, and embedded their creations with universal laws for everlasting peace. Once humans took rise to the land, they began to break these laws. Abandoning their beliefs in the Arcus blessings, centuries later, humans have dominated the world. Built empires, and continued their dismissing of the laws. The Arcus, made one last attempt to spare mankind, through Keepers. Mages who are bestowed visions of the coming future. The Keepers have spread the word of the coming end or the coming eutopia. Working with the churches, they seek to sway all nations to obey the laws of creation. All complied, all but Uhdaga.

In the Central Nation of Axandrum, reigns King Abdollius. Through his conquest of power, he has managed to quell the other nations into a peace pact. All but one, the Southern Nation of Uhdaga. Axandrum has attempted a peaceful treaty with Uhdaga, and each time has been met with rejection. Abdollius saw that the only way to get Uhdaga to surrender their practices was through force. Sounding the horn for war, all of Axandrum was deployed to Uhdaga for war.

Back in the Crown City, the King assembles his Elite Court of five.With the troops deployed he places the court in charge of maintaining law and order within the nation's borders. Their first mission was the aid of the nation's greatest keep, Odias. As it falls victim to a savage attack by the regional threat of fiends. While taking back the keep, they come face to face with one of the fiends, one who is in the possession of a Dark Artifact. Puzzled by how it has such an item.

This leads the Court to stumble upon not only a dark mystery, but they are facing a rising calamity. As they begin their travels through the land, aiding the people, and quelling any rising threat that surfaces. They learn they face more than just fiend’s and bandits. They discover a ritual has taken place, one that can bring about the end of the world. Join Martello and the other four members of the court, and their companions as they do their best to save not only Axandrum but all of Hal'Veshja from a coming calamity of darkness.

As the prelude entry of the series:
  • Short story entry
  • Dungeon Crawler style, with each zone having connection to the overall plot
  • Maintain a party of 5 members, that customizable through stats and talents.
  • Utilize skill equip - loadout system, total of 6 talents per character.
  • Npc/Guest characters can join the party with pre-built playstyles, to better build your party
  • Allies can be swap during battle, and usage of postions (Rows) for certain talents or perks.
  • This entry serves as a game that sets the roots of the series in motions 15 yrs before the events of the next entry.
  • Play through the story, and witness how the events unfold and what becomes of the world in the future.
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All feedback is welcomed :D


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