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Apr 22, 2016
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@XVoid Sorry, I miss your post!
Well, I downloaded the sample project you sent, and the issue was that you have not set the curve data for the custom parameters on the plugin parameter, as you said before.

But the problem with your main project, about the order, I believe if you have put the plugins in the wrong order, the MZ Engine will tell you on the plugin manager.
Like, if you put Custom Parameters below Class Curves, the plugin manager will tell you that Custom Parameters must be above Class Curves.

About your screenshots, I can see there is 4 type of different errors. And I believe, my plugin has thrown an error, because of the other errors. So if you fix one, I believe it will fix the others.

The first one that seems to me that is the bad configuration of a plugin parameter or plugin command.

But I can also see a lot of my plugins and visu ones. Maybe is compatibility, or just a wrong configuration of a note tag for example(Since you are using Eli Dynamic Parameters too).

Unfortunately, in a project with a lot of plugins, can be easy to trigger compatibility. I really need to take a look at your project for me to be able to figure out the error.
I figured it out, and now I feel stupid. xD

I had the notetag which assigned the custom curve I was using typed incorrectly. I didn't realize you weren't supposed to put a space between the colon and the actual curve name. Everything works now. Thanks for your trouble.

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