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Jul 12, 2015
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Hey, everyone !
I am pretty new here, so this is my first topic.

This Project is the fruit of work of me and my team of 1 year and half about.

We are an italian indie and small team named Phoenix Studio.
We are working really hard to create the best product possible and
we would like to make it out on Steam (via Greenlight) !
I hope this topic will get your attention, so I'm glad to present you :


In remote times the known world was ruled by disorder and anarchy: only the strongest survived, and the weak was condamned to suffer.
People were in a continuous war with the neighboring populations, and living was a true act of subsistence.
The Elysians, a minority of people who have the power to control and absorb the Elementals, were hunted down
and wasted like martyrs by the other people for the fear to be overpowered by them one day.
Only one man succeeded to put an end to what was called "The Dark Era": his name was Zerion.
He created his own army made by people who believed in his principles of peace, freedom and equality, and land after land the Army succeeded to conquer an entire continent.
The Army then moved through the Ocean Tethis to conquer the other continents and to discover new lands.
After that with Zerion's Army he succeeded to conquer the whole known world, and finally brought
something the world had never known until then: peace and unity.
This brought to an age of serenity and prosperity, making Zerion and his Army true living legends.

By uniting the whole world under his Empire, Zerion decided to give it his own name.
The world now known with the name Zerion finally reached balance being under the same flag and Emperor.
This was the start of a new age called "The Golden Era".
The Neo-Emperor promised that all the sacrifices of all who died wouldn't be vain and the peace now achieved would last in their honor.
Despite his heroic ventures, the Emperor was still a human, therefore mortal...
During his last years Zerion divided the entire world in 3 Empires and gave them to each of his 3 sons.
He made them promise to preserve the Peace and the Balance he fought for in his youth, and to honor the fallen and the people who suffered to attain his purpose.

The world maintained the Peace even if the Emperor's sons governed each one in a different way.
But generation after generation the Will of Peace of Zerion tarnished more and more
becoming a faraway memory, to the point of being forgotten.
The Will of Peace was replaced by the natural greed and materialist desire of man to put an end to the Golden Era, becoming the silent start of another Dark Era.

1600 years later the story repeats.

[SIZE=10.5pt]Zane Staiger :

Man, Huma, 22 years old.
Class : Warrior

A Huma man who gained good reputation in the battlefield by fighting for the Alestian Empire.
He gained the title of Royal Knight, a title rarely given to someone external to the Royal Family.
He's very meditative and cold outside: all the battles he survived hardened his character.
However his character is just a shell, a shell he doesn't want to leave for fear to be hurt again.
All Royal Knights work alone: for this reason Zane considers himself a mercenary

Xentia Bastet :
Woman, Feol, 19 years old.

Class : Archer

A young Feol woman, a very rare race that presents feline physical traits.
People of this race have great agility, a skill which Xentia has been able to model, becoming a skilled Archer.
Her character is very detached and introvert: she hides however a great kindness and need of attention.
She earns a living as a Headhunter and hunter of wild animals who attack villages.

**** There will be other Main Protagonists and Guests but the ones playable in the demo will be Zane and Xentia.

Zerion, World Map of Elysian Quest.


Village during Night.​

Desert Town and Casino.

Interior House.

ATB Sideview Battle System (with Animated Sprites).


Exclusive Menù (with new graphics).

- 25/30 hours of medium lenght (like classics JRPGs)

- Extensive World Map (as you can see in the screens).

- Day&Night Cycle (with events connected to specif moments).

- Multi-Language Option (English & Italian).

- Original & Exclusive Soundtracks.

- Deep Lightning/Shadow System.

- Dynamic Weather & Ambiental Effects.

- Alchemy & Bestiary System.

- Casino with various Minigames, and Fishing.

And so much more... coming soon!

Roberto Zavaglia - Director, Story Writer, Level Designer
Riccardo Rusconi - Composer, Music Score, SFX Composer
Sora Keyblade - Co-Director, Scripter, Programmer

Extrernal Resources - Holder, Victor, Galv, Yanfly, Holy87

A demo for the title is currently on works and be out: TBA 2020.

If you have a moment tell me what you think about, that would be useful !
Thank you all for watching & reading this topic.
And have a good day !

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Mar 5, 2014
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I assume there will be an english and an italian version? It looks good so far!

Robert Trent

Level Designer
Jul 12, 2015
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I assume there will be an english and an italian version? It looks good so far!

Yes, it will be multilanguage (English and Italian for now, but maybe we'll add other languages) !
And thank you for your feedback ! :)

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