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nio kasgami

May 21, 2013
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■ Emoji Engine MV - Origin "EmojiBase​
Author : Nio Kasgami ​
Date of creation : 2015/10/05​
Require : NA​
Base for EMM. It's store params and permit to extract plugin parameters easily and faster then the default manner.

It's also a prerequisiste for all my Emoji Engine MV plugin

  • Permit to store Plugin Name and Plugin Param
  • permit to set parameters instant.
  • Fuse Exprite
  • accessible everywhere's
■ Screenshot

No need of screenshot  
■ Instruction
Just paste the plugin Above ANY of your plugin for avoid any issues. 

For regular user : 

please it's will only serve if you use my other plugins.

For programmer :

This core will permit you to get your params easily via the "function" system.

you can either get it via a alias : 

var ai_pluginname = Emoji_Engine.prototype.get_pluginname;Emoji_Engine.prototype.get_pluginname = function() { ai_pluginname.call(this); this.ai_parameters = $plugins.filter(function(p){return p.description.contains("id: EMMV::AI_Core" )})[0].parameters; };//----------------------------------------------------------------------------// ● alias function: get_params//---------------------------------------------------------------------------- var ai_params = Emoji_Engine.prototype.get_params;Emoji_Engine.prototype.get_params = function() { ai_params.call(this); this.essay = String(this.parameters['tests']);}; OR  

by doing your own inheritance! 

function corefunction() {this.initialize.apply(this,arguments);} corefunction.prototype.constructor = corefunction;corefunction.prototype = Object.create(Emoji_Engine.prototype);corefunction.prototype.initialize = function(){Emoji_Engine.prototype.initialize.call(this);}; or you can either change the name of the function for create your own AS LONG you credit me.
 ■ Manual

// it's here you setup your plugin name or ID not mandatory but for organisation sake it's better// to do this.Emoji_Engine.prototype.get_pluginname = function() {};// Here you setup your plugin parameters not mandatory but for organisation sake it's better to do // this.Emoji_Engine.prototype.get_params = function() {};   * /var/ = this.set_PluginName(plugin); : set the plugin name.   * /var/ = this.set_PluginID(plugin); : set the plugin ID.   * /var/ = this.setString(pluginVar,ParamName); : set the param as a string.   * /var/ = this.setBoolean(pluginVar,ParamName); : set the param as a boolean.   * /var/ = this.setNumber(PluginVar,ParamName,type,max_number); : set the    * params as number and permit to proceed maths conversion.   * /var/ = this.setArray(PluginVar,ParamName); : transform a list of number in    * array.// please check inside of the plugin for know have more detailled information about those method// and how they work. 
Plugin Link
■ Terms of use
You must credit me 
you can use my plugin in non-commercial and commercial script
don't re-post this plugin anywhere if you want to share use the thread link

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