Emoji Engine V2 - 'Timer Fix'

nio kasgami

May 21, 2013
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Emoji Engine V2 : "Timer Fix"

Author : Nio Kasgami


require : NA

Introduction : 

the game timer is fun to use for make stressful timed run ...or some cool timed race..ectAlthough what's happen if they speak? you may not want to bother your player who are not all fast reader to rush their reading while the timer is running! so here with this fix it's will stop the timer while the message window is running!

Feature :

  • Stop the timer when message a running.

Screenshots/ Video

How to install :

Just drag and drop in the JS/Plugin folder and enable in the editor and this will work!

Plugin :


Terms of use :

You can use both commercial and non-commercial game for free just credit me as Nio Kasgami.

You can't redistribute my plugin without my permission.

You can't duplicate my code for your own public plugin.

You can edit my plugin like you want, but do not share without my permission.

Don't mess with Catgirl.

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