FREE EndVoid_ [MV] A Psychological Video Game? (Artists & Composer Needed)

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    (Welcome to EndVoid_ a project that is currently in need of Artists & a Composer)
    Engine: RPG Maker MV
    Nexpo's Channel, Life is Strange, Earthbound, OFF, Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass.

    EndVoid_ tells the story to a Player who first joins the game with their own Username. Within the world of EndVoid_ everything is very uncertain. Playing as a Voider who is a character that resembles something unhuman, something out of this world; you come to terms with what this world is like. Once the Voider has been controlled by the Player in question who allows the Voider access to the Database, we cut to a scene which shows the Humans. A child unnamed greets their family downstairs at the table, a strange envelope is left on the side where the child sits. Reading the envelope shows that the Player is in control. This envelope is basic instructions on how to move, interact, and much more. The envelope was sent by an unknown entity, a coroporation that is in question- does it even exist? Once the player controls this child, you'll explore the house and find out more about their life and their family. It also shares some backstory on recent events that have caused the family to go into hiding. Yes, something I didn't mention on purpose! This family are cut from the outside world, and everything the Player does to learn more is causing more trauma for the child. Once we cut back to the Voider, things start to become unclear and everything is twisted to make a story for itself.
    [​IMG] (Hello, I'm a Voider which is Prototype Design Alpha)

    Game Mechanics: Before you continue to read through the game mechanics, please understand that most of this is a work-in-progress. There was a whole lot of ideas that came to me when I was working on the story of this project. There will be several new mechanics that introduce elements of gameplay; (Location Save Device) this device is used to save a location in order to change the outcome for the inhabitants. (Memory Decoder) This item is used by the Voider to interact with certain objects. This Decoder also decodes obvious descriptions such as: "This is clearly just an ordinary chair." And "An empty box that was always empty, I imagine"

    Battle System: This is the introduction to the Battle System; allowing the player to not only learn more about the creature / entity they are fighting- they also have the power to decode information from these creatures. Information can be gathered via intel or basic discussion. Within battles, the Player can be as brutal as they like or they can choose to be kind and allow the entity to give its information when ready. Information can be passed on via phonecalls or Void Coms. There is more information on this which will be shared upon Alpha release or Beta release. This information will also be shared to those who are working with me on this project.

    Void Coms: When the Player is controlling a Voider, it will be able to locate information and also share signals to outside Voiders. Not much is known about the other Voiders, and the Player will have to go on speculation on whether or not the other Voiders are doing okay. There is more information to be gathered via Void Coms, a communcation device that allows Voiders to whisper their secrets. The strangest thing about Voiders is that they have this habit of watching those behind the screens.

    Puzzle Solving: The Player will have to interact with certain objects in a certain order in order to access some of the off-screen locations. There is also possible ways to reach outside boundaries by doing certain Quests within the storyline. The Player can also come across Void Disturbances that will cause their game to crash / close. This can be bypassed by reading through some information that can be gathered. The Player is warned at the start of the game that there is some unknown disturbances causing communications with the outside world to disappear. Other puzzles contain doing something in a certain way to achieve the correct outcome. There's also puzzles where the Player will need to put information together to understand a task easier.

    Relationship System: The Player will be able to interact with some Voiders as a Voider, and this allows them to gain trust in others. In the real world, the Player can also gain relationship status by interacting as the teenage girl chaarcter. Her outcome relies on certain information to be bypassed by the system. There's much more to this and the fate of her life rests in the Player's hands. Relationships can also gain influence on others and will cause some characters to act differently around each other. It's also worth nothing that these relationships can turn out violent or peaceful depending on the choices of the Player. Sexual relations can only happen if they choose to allow this in the settings (This feature does not exist currently due to whether or not it should be implemented, I only wanted to include this to show a darker side to characters. How? Well, the bedroom hides secrets and by going through with what you think is a healthy relationship, you can find distrurbing things both in the real world and the Voider world)

    Cast: The Cast consists of lots of characters all with their own personality and distinct features. This also includes the Voider and the child, including the family and the teenage girl. Other Voiders have their own personalities but some may not be truly unique. You'll find out through time of playing that some Voiders are not who you first think they are. And as the game progresses: the story develops this weird reality in your mind that causes you to think that maybe everything you did was worth your time or did you do something wrong within your playthrough? It's all about asking the right questions. (Names to be decided in the future)

    The Unnamed Child
    Not much is known as this character other than that they are part of what looks like a happy family on the surface. There is no pictures of the family together, the sister in question may not even exist in their timeframe. All I know about this character is that this child serves a purpose to the story and the Voiders may or may not know the answers to this.

    The Unnamed Child's Sister (Teenage Girl)
    Unknown to the family which is already a surprise in itself, she really has no purpose of being there. The Player will be able to see that her bedroom door is locked, and even that is just an assumption because there is no proof that it is a bedroom. Her little brother happens to write things down and this shares some backstory on her but not enough to make it clear that she is actually locked in that room. Nothing is ever what it seems and the parents also make the Player beleive that they are rather (A) Bad parents or (B) Something has happened or possibly (C) They believe she is away on a camping trip.

    The Parents (Mother & Father)
    There is clear evidence that suggests that these parents loved these kids at some point in their lifetime, but there is nothing to suggest that they have lost their love for their children. There is no evidence that suggests this, and the only thing you can accept is whether they are who they say they are. Further exploring in certain rooms reveals more information on the Mother. However, the Father remains a mystery due to what looks like tampering of information. There's a scene where the Father comes to terms with everything but seems happy with the way things ended.

    The Unnamed Voider
    The Player introduced to this character along with the world around it early into the game. By far the creepiest mystery is that this Voider is not on the registry of anything. The other Voiders have dates, times, locations where they are now or were last seen. There is no information on this Voider and it remains a mystery throughout the story. Not everything is clear in the world of Voiders, and the more information that comes to light- the deeper this Rabbit Hole becomes. More research into this Voider will lead the Player on a journey like no other, and that's whether the Player wants to learn more or chooses to avoid it at all costs.

    The Voider survives from the things that happen to be around it at the time the Player is introduced to this creature. Exploring the Voider's supposed home is what makes for a thrilling adrenaline pumped weird storyline. You'll find strange things throughout the house and the house doesn't contain much in terms of exploration. There's more to this Voider, and there is way more that what you discover on the surface. Sometimes a mystery is best unsolved.

    Other Characters
    Other Voiders, Other Humans, Creatures, Entities, Strangers, Beings. There is so much more to explore in both worlds. The emptiness really comes from the story of the Voider and you'll start to feel it in the real world as time goes on.

    My Role For This Project

    • Game Designer / Developer
    • Mapping
    • (Some Designs of Sprites / Pixel Artist)
    • Storyline / Writer / Dialogue (Plot)
    • Sound Composer (Only some sounds)
    Available Roles for those Interested
    • Artists - I'm currently in search for someone who is experienced or slightly experienced in Pixel Art. They will need to be able to do the following: Be able to Communicate via Discord. Create some Tilesets for different Maps. Create some Sprites that follow a certain specific Palette. They will also need to be able to work on any changes that may need to be made in the future. I'm also in search of someone who can design the Battler Art, this will include Sprites, ect. - Backgrounds also. The Battler Artist will only need to create around 12 Backgrounds, (maybe less if we discuss this via Discord) - 8 Facesets but I'd be happy to accept a seperate Artist who is interested in only doing Backgrounds or Facesets. The Sprite Artist will only need to create 30+ Sprites (Again, we need to discuss this on Discord as this number may change to 15+) Walking animations are very vital for this project. (Any Questions, Any Concerns or anything that you may need to ask me, feel free to leave me a comment or a PM using the RPG Maker Forums) I'll more than likely reply within 1-2 hours of your PMs, and less time to reply via your Comments
    • Composer - I'm also in search of a Composer who will be able to compose some peaceful music with a strange presence within the music itself. I also need some music that can be thrilling and disturbing, alien-like for the Voiders. I'm really looking for someone who enjoys mystery and strange experiemental music that makes someone feel rather uneasy or slightly unnerved. This does not mean you will only be composing unnerving music but you will also be required to make music that is relatively happy. It's not music that will make you feel about the situation but the Player may want to stay in the map due to the music sounds less unnerving than the others. The Real World music just needs to be modern but with a slight alien-like out of this world twist. Due to wanting to assist a Composer who might be interested, I've taken the liberty of finding some examples of music that I'm interested in for this game: (Examples, Inspiration, ect)
    - Mystery has always been about the Unknown for me, and this music captures that perfectly. Nexpo is actually someone that inspired me to make this game and listen to more music like this one. Although, Nexpo did not compose this music, it's worth mentioning that the person who did knows how to capture the weird mysterious side to the world. I really want something similar to this but only the instruments not so much the way it was composed. I hope this makes sense.

    - Again, this is a perfect example of experimentation within music. The weird vibes, the strange sound effects used on top of the instruments creates this blend of Hope and still an odd strangeness to it. This is music that reminds me of Old Videogames, it's got very strange vocals in it too that is edited perfectly to fit with the music. Another great example of strange upbeat music is Hotline Miami which shifts from sounding not as unnerving to just straight out insane and sometimes really depressing in certain moments.

    - Again with the experimental and still sounding like something slightly peaceful. It's chill-like music that settles the listener and makes them feel safe, ect. But this is just an example of that. Imagine adding some of what I suggested above as examples as a mix into this and you get that unnerving feeling again.

    - Not the final example but this Composer certainly fits the criteria for what kind of music I'm trying to explain within the Composer information part of this thread. The other examples are from other Composers that I agree fits the style I'm trying to find in a Composer.

    - Life is Strange is another great example of creating something that is upbeat but sounds out of this world. It's got all kinds of instrumentals and lots of mixing that makes it so weird. The bass is mixing with all kinds of levels of other instruments and beats that creates what I'd like to say: Confusion but you sure as hell want to dance to it! This is important for a location in the game EndVoid_ Why? Because it shows how the humans have moved away from what we usually enjoy listening to. (Also note: The vocals are not important in what I am looking for in a Composer but someone who can use some vocals to make an unnerving feeling is always welcome)

    (More information: Glitch-like, different volumes and pitch for some instruments creates a feeling of something not quite right)
    Moving onto the final examples that I feel capture everything I've tried to explain!

    - This Composer manages to mix the most strangest sound effects that I really feel create uneasiness. It's got weird mixing and lots of strange interference which is what I'm searching for when it comes to composing music for the Voiders locations! I'm sorry for all these examples but I'm trying to achieve this vision for the game to the best of my ability, and from past experience with working with Composers- I know that they appreciate it when examples are shown as it insprires them and even motivates them to want to be involved with such a strange experimental project.

    Thank You for reading this MegaThread! I really tried my best to fill it with all the vital information you may need to understand my project better. I've tried really hard to find examples of what I'm looking for in a Composer and I've also shared some information on here for the Pixel Artists who might be interested. If you'd like to see the Palette you will be working with- I'll send it you via PM on the forums.

    Remember! Any Questions, Concerns, Anything regarding this Project- I'm more than happy to answer!
    Just leave a Comment below with your Question / Concern and I'll reply ASAP!
    Interested in the Project? - Follow me on the Forums.
    Interested in working with me on the Project? - Send me a PM via RPG Maker Forums!

    - Ev_
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    I am a composer. And I mostly make peaceful music. I think I could help with some music.

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