Mar 23, 2018
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Hello everyone!

I am currently working on a project in advanced stage with RPG Maker MV and up until now I've been using the "EnemyBook" plug-in that came with the software. However, the more I use it, the less attractive it becomes to me. For a very-close-to-FF-RPG, a bestiary like in some Final Fantasy games would be perfectly fitting - also because I really like the design and the features it offers.
But let me clarify what a "Bestiary like in FF" means to me - including some examples.

The main inspiration here comes from Final Fantasy IV (any version, especially the PSP one). A picture will follow.
The main point about this bestiary system is that it offers:
-main data about all the enemies (like HP, weaknesses, drops, etc.)
-how many of them you have slain
-enemy name and a picture of it
-battle background where it can mostly be found (!)
-battle music against it is played (! - like if it is a monster, the normal battle music plays but the bosses offer another theme right inside the bestiary)

So as you can see - what makes it so special is that there are both battle background and music inside the bestiary.
Here is an example picture of how it looks in the original game:

I know that a script like this existed back in the RMVXAce era. I remember trying it out when I was less experienced with the RPG Maker engine. It worked just like in FFIV. However, I can no longer find the original threads as the posts I have only lack of images by now.

Now, there are two things I need to add. Two things that are quite important for my game and if there's any way, a plug-in of that kind could include that, it'd be super awesome.
First: I am using the Yanfly Core Engine and connected with that, my ingame resolution is set to 16:9 (1280x720px). I have also manually scaled all the battlebacks to that size and resolution. As seen in the example picture, it could be the same so that the battleback continues behind the window.
Second: I am using Yanfly's Extra Enemy Drops Plug-In so that my monsters can drop more than three items. This of course never exceeds five items to not make it be too much. The original "EnemyBook" plug-in was able to extend the drops list for more treasures so this'd be pretty good here as well.

Both of them - however - are not primary things.

Another "optional" idea I had was inspired by the Final Fantasy VI remake for iOS/Android/PC.
The bestiary itself in this version of the game is almost the same as the one above from FFIV. However, the list is different. While FFIV's list is only one name below the one before and either a name (like "Maenad2") or "??????????" if it's not yet discovered - FFVI did it a little different. It actually gave a preview of the monster in the list already. See in the following picture:

So those that are not unlocked yet are only silhouettes. However, since that provides big spoiler alert with some special enemies, it's only a very optional thing and idea.

If anyone out there knows a similar plug-in for MV that offers FFIV's main features, I'd be very very thankful for them to tell me about it. If it does not yet exist but some nice person wants to help me, making this wish come true, I'd be even more thankful for doing so! Sadly, I am not well-versed in JS or any similar coding language.

Thanks in advance for anyone providing ideas and help.
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